7 essential products for healthy hair

7 essential products for healthy-looking hair

Find out which tools you should definitely have, how to use products in new ways and why sleeping on it can work wonders.

Whether you lather up daily, every other day or like to partake in a double shampoo (or maybe reverse washing?), a nurturing formula is welcome for all hair types. Enriched with certified organic aloe vera, this shampoo gently cleanses and hydrates, leaving your tresses oh-so soft. And please don’t skip conditioner! It detangles, moisturises the hair and scalp, and will help fight any potential frizziness. 

QUICK TIP: If you’re short of time, apply shampoo only to your roots and apply conditioner only to your ends, lather up, then rinse all together.

Healthy-looking hair means keeping hair breakages and split ends at bay, which is when a simple, wide-toothed comb becomes one of your MVPs. Freshly washed hair is more fragile and prone to tangles, so instead of tugging fiercely with a densely-packed brush, calmly comb through the knots. Plus, a comb is perfect when applying a hair mask or styling product through your tresses.

QUICK TIP: When combing wet hair, start at the ends and move up – you’ll get through the knots easier and hinder any potential breaks.

Why should skincare have all the excitement? BB creams for the face are all-singing, all-dancing wonders, and now we have it in haircare form, too! A leave-in cream, this 3-in-1 formula, provides shine (or silky smoothness) and reduce the appearance of frizziness. Formulated with avocado oil, keratin and silk amino acids. Work through damp hair with your fingers or comb, then blow-dry or air-dry.

QUICK TIP: After styling or during the day, if you find yourself with dry ends, simply scrunch some BB cream into the ends of your hair.

We can all sing the praises of a hair wax that not only boosts texture and definition, but also adds fullness to the hair. Add to that list: pliable hold and a natural sheen. Yet, have you ever tried hair wax on damp hair? After evenly distributing a pea-sized amount through your strands (you may need to warm it up a bit in your hands first) and roughly blow-drying with your hands, you get soft structure and a wonderfully piece-y look.

QUICK TIP: Styling wax cannot be brushed out of the hair, you’ll have to shampoo to remove.

For blow-drying, a rounded brush is best because it provides the grip and tension needed to smooth your strands or create loose curls. And a ceramic body with vents will both retain and direct heat better – cutting down on heat styling time overall, which will save your hair from potential damage and save you precious time. 

QUICK TIP: For a professional-looking blow-out, sectioning is key. Within each section, focus on one or two inches until it’s perfectly dry.

Forget the crunchy, flaky or sticky hairsprays of yesteryear and embrace the new generation of style fixers. Soft hold, flexibility and the ability to reshape are the hallmarks of The Works Session Hairspray. After you’ve got your coif in place, spray on dry hair from a good distance (approximately 30 cm), keeping the can in constant motion, for even finishing.

QUICK TIP: If you’ve got an up-do, spray your hands with hairspray and then run your palms gently over your locks to keep any fly-aways in place.

It can refresh your tresses at any given moment (especially with a handy travel size!), but also add volume, all the while absorbing oil. No wonder why dry shampoos have become a staple in all our haircare wardrobes. The trick, however, is to be patient. Spray along the roots in sections and wait two minutes, then brush through. This allows enough time for the dry shampoo to absorb the oils. 

QUICK TIP: If your hair tends to be greasiest when you wake up, apply dry shampoo before you go to bed to counteract any oil buildup while you caught those ZZZs. Plus, you’ll get the best tousled, truly bedhead look.

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