7 products that will bring your glow back

7 products that will bring your glow back

A fresh and glowy face for the new year is about all-over radiance rather than OTT strobing alone.

Well-hydrated skin is essential for that fresh and glowy look – moisture plumps up the skin and makes it softer and smoother for base application. To get an extra dose before you apply your fave moisturiser, make some time for a quick, hydrating mask. This one contains organic aloe vera, shea butter and jojoba oil.

QUICK TIP: Use a damp face cloth to remove the mask. Not only will this ensure you get all the mask off, but you’ll also be giving yourself a gentle face massage at the same time.

Mood is just as important when it comes to beauty. So while you’re waiting for your mask to work its magic, why not light a lush scented candle to get in a relaxed state of mind? Mellow lavender and cardamom soothe the senses, so much so that you may be tempted to luxuriate a little longer than planned!

QUICK TIP: To avoid unnecessary soot and smoke, make sure the wick is trimmed to about half a centimetre before lighting.

The secret to that ethereal, gorgeous “lit from within” effect lies in literally layering on the luminosity. Either mix this multi-tasking liquid highlighter into your moisturiser or foundation for a more subtle glow, or use it as a primer after moisturising and before foundation for maximum radiance.

QUICK TIP: For head-to-toe glow, you can also mix in the liquid highlighter with your favourite body lotion.

You certainly don’t want redness or any other imperfections detracting from your glow, so this is where perfecting powder steps in. Lightweight and silky in texture, it’ll smooth things out and lock your base in place, but crucially, not dull the radiance you’re working on at the moment.

QUICK TIP: Use a brush, rather than a puff, for best results – it distributes the powder uniformly and you can build more easily, if necessary.

For a face that truly reads “fresh” – and not screaming “highlighter overload!” – simply dot the stick directly onto the skin and blend with your fingers with a tapping motion. The heat of your fingers will melt the product into your skin or makeup for a real-skin yet beautifully illuminated finish.

QUICK TIP: The usual places apply (tops of cheekbones, bridge of nose and Cupid’s bow), but don’t be afraid to also highlight your brow bones and tear duct area for a real twinkle in your eye.

Eyelash curlers are known to have a great eye-opening effect, but with a proper curl, lashes can also look longer, thicker and fuller. Make sure the pad is right up against the root of the lashes, close the curler on the lashes and squeeze lightly. Walk the curler up from the root to tip, pressing and pulsing over the eyelash with the same pressure.

QUICK TIP: When at the root of the lashes, turn the curler upwards so that the curve of the curler lines up with the curve of your eyelid’s crease. This will give you curl, rather than a crimp.

While the temptation might be to slick on lip gloss to complete a glowy look, a soft finish lip stain – especially in a neutral colour – will do a better of job keeping the fresh radiance of your skin firmly in focus. Before applying, make sure your lips are flake-free and put on a layer of lip balm or primer, if necessary.

QUICK TIP: Instead of blotting any excess off with a tissue, pat down the lip colour with a finger. You’ll get a lovely diffused look that’ll still last ages.

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