7 products that will save your mornings

7 products that will save your mornings

Natural beauty to-go! These babies will speed up your routine.

Step out of the shower and rather than slathering on a slippery body lotion that takes forever to dry, try a fast-absorbing body oil instead. Formulated with moringa oil, argan oil and rosemary leaf extract, you’ll get soft-looking skin in no time, with no greasy feel. Plus, body oils tend to penetrate into the skin more deeply, leaving your skin hydrated for longer, and since they’re absorbed more easily, you won’t sweat off the product as you would with a lotion. 

QUICK TIP: Apply from the shoulders down, concentrating on areas that seem most dry and rough.

When it comes to foundation, a cushion compact is a dream come true for the snooze button enthusiasts amongst us, but it’s also just the ticket for everyone else. With no messy fingers or fussy foundation brushes to speak of, you simply dab on the lightweight, sheer formula with the sponge. It literally takes seconds to even out your complexion and it’s easily buildable, if necessary. The best part of a cushion? A toss-up between the glowing finish and the fact you can throw it into your handbag for touch-ups later. 

QUICK TIP: Start from the centre of your face and move outwards when applying foundation to avoid the dreaded mask look.

Two-in-one products are a no-brainer here. On one end of this pencil, tackle dark circles and blemishes with the creamy, matte concealer (the tip is perfect for precision coverage), and on the other, brighten to your heart’s content with the sheer, shimmery highlighter. Highlighting the inner corners of your eyes, for instance, will make you look more awake, while targeting the Cupid’s bow and under your brow arch will give your face dimension.

QUICK TIP: Concealing around and under the nostrils has an amazing effect – it simultaneously brightens, gives your face a more even tone and makes you look refreshed, even if you didn’t get enough beauty sleep.

Another double-ended product, this time to save you from searching for that pesky spoolie wand that always seems to disappear. Plus, by now we all know the importance of well-groomed brows when it comes to putting a polished look together in literally minutes. Using short, upward strokes, mimic eyebrow hairs with the matte, smudge-proof formula, flip ends of the pencil and brush the brows to softly blend the lines. 

QUICK TIP: Don’t get hung up on having perfectly symmetrical brows. Not only does this look strange, but it’ll also save you a lot of hassle. Embrace your natural shape!

While this is probably not the occasion to bust out an artful, multi-coloured eye, a single shimmery, neutral eyeshadow can go a long way to making you look pulled together in very little time. The jumbo pencil format means you literally draw on the eyeshadow with just a few strokes, and then you simply blend the creamy formula with your fingers. And because it’s water-resistant, you won’t have to worry about your lids for the rest of the day.

QUICK TIP: For the least amount of snagging or dragging along your delicate eyelids, draw small x’s across the lid and then blend.

There’s a good reason why mascara is often at the top of many a woman’s “never leave the house without…” list. It’s seriously eye-opening (ie, awake!), defining and confidence-boosting. For the time-challenged (i.e. most of us in the AM), opt for a clump-free formula and a brush that will separate your lashes as well as lengthen and volumise them. Because you don’t want to be bothering with a tidy-up job when the clock is against you.

QUICK TIP: If you aren’t already in the habit of throwing out your mascara every three months to avoid eye infection-causing bacteria, start now!

Let’s face it – now is not the time to do a heavy statement mouth that requires priming, careful lip lining, blotting, powdering, etc. Grab a sheer lipstick in a bright, cheerful colour instead. The butter-soft formula applies very easily and will impart a nice sheen to your lips. Simply tap onto your lips and blend, building as necessary. Or if you’re in a real hurry, you can slick some on as you’re running at the door. No mirror necessary! 

QUICK TIP: Press your ring finger onto the lipstick and then against your thumb to warm up the product – it will blend much smoother onto the lips this way.

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