7 products to always keep in your work bag

These beauty heroes will keep you polished and professional from 9-5.

To say that liquid lipstick is having a moment is a bit of an understatement. Thankfully, the super-matte, high-coverage finish is suitably sophisticated for the office. And it doesn’t budge, to boot (if you do go outside your lip line, dip a cotton bud in a cream and wipe away the mistake). Remember, you only need one coat because of the opacity!

QUICK TIP: Overloading on product leads to flaking, which none of us want, so if you can’t get that thin layer with the doe-foot applicator, use a lip brush instead. 

If you’re a multi-tasker at work, you’re going to love this double-ended makeup brush. The flatter, round-edged side is for applying, blending and contouring with liquid or cream foundations, which gives a more flawless appearance than using your fingers. The fluffy, domed end is for powder blushers and bronzers. 

QUICK TIP: If you don’t have time to clean your brush right after use (and who does on a Monday morning?!), just make sure you do a deep clean at least once a week, especially if you find foundation caking up in the bristles. 

To look perfectly polished and professional, groomed brows can go a long way. Fill in any gaps with a pencil or powder if necessary, then apply this clear gel over the top to lock it all into place. Or here’s a neat trick if you’ve got full brows – start with the tail and brush the gel towards the nose first, then brush it back from inner corner back to tail. You’ll have more volume and definition this way!

QUICK TIP: You can also tame flyaway or baby hairs along your forehead with a few sweeps of the brow gel, especially when pulling your hair into a ponytail or bun.

Have to deal with an aggressive air conditioner or heater in your workplace? While you probably have your skincare sorted, your hands may be suffering, too. Keep a hand cream at your desk and use as necessary to nurture and hydrate, plus get a fragrant pick-me-up courtesy of the essential oils.

QUICK TIP: Give yourself a quick hand massage when applying hand cream – using your right thumb, massage the pads of the palm on your left hand, along each finger and finally, in between the thumb and index finger. Switch hands.

In most workplaces, you don’t want to look over-done, but defined. This is where dip liner comes in. Whether you’ve opted for a subtle flick or a tightline, the fine tip applicator offers precise application, while the long-lasting water-resistant formula resists smudging and fading. 

QUICK TIP: For effortless eyeliner, line your eyes with dots first, then join them up. Just make sure your dots aren’t too big – they should be roughly the same size as the width of your desired line.

Constantly moving from one environment to the next can wreak havoc on all the hard work you’ve put into your tresses. Try a smoothing, straightening balm to fight frizz and keep things sleek, no matter your hair type. Distribute evenly through damp hair and either heat style or leave to air dry.

QUICK TIP: You can also use the hair balm (sparingly!) on dry hair to define the ends of your hair. 

A concealer pen is a handy and very important tool to have in your handbag or desk, especially when it feels silky and has a radiant finish. With low to medium coverage, it’s perfect for touch-ups during the day – simply swipe on and pat into place with your ring finger. And if you’ve got one in a shade lighter, it can be used as a highlighter, too.

QUICK TIP: Besides the obvious blemishes or discolourations, concealing the redness around your nose also does wonders for evening out your skin tone.

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