How to get beachy waves without heat

Stefanie Giesinger’s favourite method for making waves only requires a salty ocean (and a couple of hairpins).

Beaches and oceans are filled with stuff that do wonders for your skin and hair. Model and Instagram star Stefanie Giesinger’s best summer hack is simple but genius and only requires damp hair, some hairpins (and salt water spray and BB cream if you want a longer-lasting result).

Depending on what waves you want to make – loose or tight curls – you need to start by dividing your damp, salty hair into a few big sections (for loose waves) or plenty of small ones (for tighter curls). Then – twist each section into a tight bun and lock them down with a couple of hairpins.

Now all you need is time. Let your hair air dry completely before you let it out. Then let it out carefully and comb through it with your fingers or a detangling comb. Add some BB cream for a shiny finish.

Eureka – perfect waves in a flash! Click here to see everything else that Berlin babe Stefanie Giesinger was up to on her summer escape to Mykonos.



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