Introducing: Organic Fragrance Oils made to last

Introducing: Organic Fragrance Oils made to last

The H&M Conscious Exclusive collection just got even better. Are you romantic, cool or crispy?

Your scent says a lot about you. That is why most of us prefer to have not one but several fragrances in our fragrance wardrobe. A sensual, decadent one to set the mood for an entire night out. A clean, bright scent to boost self-confidence at work (and help you stay awake after that night out). And any carefully chosen scent will complete the outfit for the day. 

But here is the thing: it’s not only the scent that makes a statement, the kind of fragrance you use is equally important. And that’s why H&M are including organic fragrance oils in the Conscious Exclusive Collection. 

With carefully sourced ingredients of natural origins, ethically produced materials and chic design, these oils are a statement on their own, made to last and reflect the importance of sustainability. 

H&M Conscious Organic Fragrance Oils are unisex and come in a set of three: romantic Rouge Pivoine, crisp Lemon Amour and cool Vert Douce. They can be worn separately, or mixed together to create your very own unique scent. Whatever suits your mood and personality.

Rouge Pivoine is the playful, romantic scent of blossoming peony with lush geranium. Lemon Amour is the fresh and energetic citrus scent where zesty lemon and bergamot are boosted by sweet lemongrass and melon. Vert Douce is earthy and peaceful, with green leaves mingling with warm cedar wood and cypress. 

There is also another deep connection between scent and clothes. Fine fragrance is always multi-layered. Firstly, the very scent itself with its layers of base-, heart- and top notes is quite complex. Secondly, scents are intimate and personal, evoking feelings, memories and dreams. They are all always different for each and every one of us. So are the clothes we chose to wear.

”For the spring 2017 Conscious Exclusive Collection, we have been inspired by the human senses,” says designer Ella Soccorsi of the women’s collection. Deconstructed flounces and warped, smudged florals inspired by paintings by Gerhard Richter remind us more of a sensation or scent than just a floral.

Sheer fabrics and rich jacquards give an exclusive feel and 3D embroideries entice the touch. The collection has indeed been designed with all senses in mind. ”It is all about experiences, emotions and memories,” says Ella Soccorsi. ”We enjoyed different scents and listened to a lot of contemporary music during the design process, evoking something real. And I think now that we will always remember our team designing together every time we smell mimosa and peony – the flowers are even incorporated into our prints.”

The main focus areas of the men’s collection are great fits and classic designs, such as a timeless suit and a modern western jacket. ”The clothes are meant to fit many different occasions, from everyday to special events. We have used sustainable material with different feels, such as silk and jacquard”, says designer Chatarina Forseth. 

Different moods, seasons and special occasions call for the proper scent and the perfect outfit. The choice of creating your very own combination has the potential to set it just right. In other words: Make your statement as complex and personal as you are. And make it last. 

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