The long-lasting beauty heroes to keep you fresh all day

The long-lasting beauty heroes to keep you fresh all day

This month, we highlight our hard-working heroes for long-wear makeup and hair – from your base to the eyes and not forgetting the nails, we’ve got you covered.

Who doesn’t want a smooth, matte canvas for foundation and the rest of their makeup? Yes, it means another step in your routine, but for the sake of longevity and getting the best start possible, this mattifying face primer is definitely worth it! The lightweight, silky formula not only reduces shine and evens out skin texture, but also prevents your base and other complexion products from being “eaten up” by your skin over time. In other words, you’ll be able to eke out at least a few more hours of your favourite foundation. 

QUICK TIP: For touch-ups later on in the day, simply tap a bit of the primer over your makeup and on the areas that you feel you need mattifying.

Gel pot eyeliner is the makeup artists’ liner of choice because it doesn’t easily smear, allows for precise lines, delivers intense colour and, of course, has impressive staying power (you’ll need an eye makeup remover later!). Whether you opt for a cat-eye, a simple stroke or tightlining, once you get the hang of the formula, you’ll probably wonder how you lived without it. Just make sure to use a thin-tipped brush with firm bristles and pack the brush with product by dabbing into the pot, then merrily glide across the lid. 

QUICK TIP: Eye cream or oils (even from an oil-based remover) can make your eyelid canvas too oily to hold the gel formula. Dab a little micellar water over your lids first to make sure there’s nothing there.

Ah, gel nails… We love the rich colours, high-shine, that pillowy look and envious performance, but the curing and eventual removal process is, well, sadly a bit of a pain. But rejoice! For we now have a next-level nail varnish that looks and acts like a gel without the need of a UV lamp. Apply two coats, allowing at least two minutes drying time and then apply the specially formulated top coat to seal in the colour and extend wear time. 

QUICK TIP: For salon-worthy nails at home, even with your non-dominant hand, the trick is to start by applying a stripe of varnish down the centre of the nail and then move your hand (not the one holding the brush) to do the stripes on either side.

When it comes to longevity, liquid lipstick is the most welcome addition to all of our makeup kits. That vivid colour, super-matte finish and high coverage is simply irresistible, especially when faced with a whole day of classes or work, plus hurried meals and then some! And when it just glides on so easily and leaves a plush, velvety colour, the hardest choice to make will be picking a shade and sticking with it all day (literally). 

QUICK TIP: For really clean lines and to avoid any feathering, lightly line just outside your lips with either a clear lip liner or a concealer pencil. Call it reverse lip lining!

Traditionally, waterproof mascara is the one that we turn to for long-lasting, statement lashes, but the dryness and often torturous removal process is not to everyone’s taste. However, with the High and Mighty Mascara, you can have volume, length and separation with no smearing or clumping (i.e. staying power), all thanks to the thin, precise brush. And while you can be ultra-meticulous with the root of your lashes, it works a treat on the lower lashes, too. 

QUICK TIP: Try applying mascara in the direction your lashes naturally grow for extra oomph – for the inner lashes, wiggle the brush towards the start of your brow, the centre lashes, go straight up, and for the outer corner, aim towards the tail of the brow.

Repeat after us: hairspray is not just for elaborate up-dos. Or beauty pageant queens. Because why shouldn’t the urge to “lock in” a hairdo (so it lasts longer) be extended to all styles? Whether you’ve tonged, scrunched, braided, air-dried or blow-dried your hair to perfection, a soft-hold hairspray with a flexible, workable formula you can layer and re-style is your new Good Hair Day trick. Just lightly spray all over your tresses and be wowed by the movement and hold.

QUICK TIP: You can tame a few unruly strands of hair by simply spraying a little hairspray into your hands and then use them to smooth your hair.

For all the talk of longevity, gone are the days of a long-lasting matte yet utterly flat finish. It’s much more modern to look glowy, and for a face full of makeup to have dimension. And while some of us may be adept at powder highlighters and the accompanying fan brushes, sometimes all it takes is a swipe of a sheer and creamy stick highlighter to look lit up. With a subtle shimmery glow, this vitamin E-infused formula absorbs and blends easily.

QUICK TIP: Use the golden bronze shade to warm up the complexion or the rose pearl for an ethereal glow. Just remember to blend gently to avoid any harsh lines.

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