Winter-proof your beauty arsenal

Winter-proof your beauty arsenal

Banish the winter blues with a few product switch-ups.

One of the many consequences of a cold, windy winter is dull, dry skin, from head to toe. While you no doubt have exfoliation down pat for your face, don’t forget your body! Here’s where a body scrub becomes a top priority to help slough off those dead skin cells (ew). Use in the bath or shower – just massage onto your skin in circular motions and rinse thoroughly.

QUICK TIP: Use the body scrub with a brush or loofah for extra exfoliating oomph. You’ll also be boosting circulation, which adds to the radiance.

Now here’s a real triple treat: a trio of versatile makeup sponges that look pretty on your vanity table, even prettier on Instagram and most importantly, work a treat for a flawless look. The angled sponge is perfect for contouring, the egg-shaped precision sponge is a great all-rounder and the pointed sponge makes it easy to reach small areas around the nose or under the eyes. Though they obviously can be used year-round, we really like sponges in the winter to achieve a seamless, dewy base. 

QUICK TIP: By moistening the sponge first (very necessary!), products meld right into the skin as opposed to just sitting on top. Perfect for those inevitable dry patches that crop up!

In the dead of winter, try ditching the dry cream concealers for one with a silky feel and a natural, radiant finish, especially when it comes to under the eyes or around the nose and mouth. While the caring formula offers low to medium coverage, the liquid formula and handy brush tip is extremely easy to use and blend. Simply swipe a few strokes where you need it and tap lightly into the skin with your fingers or sponge. We also love that it’s very travel-friendly – keep one in your bag for quick touch-ups. 

QUICK TIP: If you go a shade or two lighter than your skin, then this can also be used as a highlighter. Because it has no shimmer, it’ll look incredibly natural.

While pinks tend to be our go-to shades, beige or brown blush adds a touch of warmth and plumpness to cheeks without the bright colours, which is perfect when you may already be battling dull or ruddy skin. Using a full, rounded brush, first swipe the blush onto the cheekbones to emphasise their shape, then tap onto the apples. You want the colour to touch the highest point of the apples of your cheeks, but not consume the entire side of the face so place two fingers at the side of the mouth to mark where the blush should stop. 

QUICK TIP: Try to use a blush that has a hint of shimmer so the shade actually looks like blush and you avoid any potential muddiness.

After the reign of liquid lipstick, is it time to give the classic cream lipstick another look? We think so! The rich and creamy formula not only offers medium coverage, but also glides on smoothly for full-bodied lips and – let’s be frank – is very comfortable to wear. For a face brightening effect, we love a bright orange-y red or fuchsia, or perhaps for something more dramatic, a deep berry. Wear it alone, after lip primer for extra punch and staying power, or underneath a gloss if you wanted added shine.

QUICK TIP: The most up-to-date way to rock a cream lipstick is to skip the lip liner all together and softly smudge the edges along the lip lines for a just-been-kissed effect.

The bane of winter hair: static. But what to do during the day when your coif is already dry and done? While a dry shampoo predominantly absorbs oil at the roots, a dry conditioner like this one will add much needed moisture to your hair and hence, battle static. It’s a quick pick-me-up between washes, but also revives and softens the hair. The weightless formula contains argan oil and avocado extract for shiny, silky results with no frizziness. Shake well and apply from the mid-lengths to the ends.

QUICK TIP: To eke out yet another day before washing your hair, pull back your hair into a ponytail and revive the tail with the dry conditioner, which will add texture, shine and volume. 

Slathering on body lotion in the morning is like second nature, but have you ever considered another helping just before bed? We bet that your dry winter skin will just soak it all up, especially when it’s a rich body cream like this one. Made with certified organic aloe vera, shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil and almond oil, along with fragrant essential oils, this a truly sumptuous softener. Plus, the soothing scent is perfect to help you relax and get that beauty sleep. Massage gently onto your skin until absorbed. 

QUICK TIP: Don’t forget the areas that tend to be the hardest working – elbows, knees, hands, even the heels and soles of your feet. 

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