Exclusive: New music from The Atomics

H&M Magazine presents Homecoming: a short film about small town escapism, big dreams and a loving bond between four siblings. The film is accompanied by two brand new singles from the band.

The brothers and sisters in The Atomics performed in front of an audience for the first time seven years ago. Then they stood atop the steps of the public library in their hometown Spanish Fork, Utah. Now, after several years, cities and centimetres, they’re back in the same place, practising the new songs that are planned to bring them to the big stages and performing them for their childhood friends and family members. 

Director Keith Kandell followed the band through their hometown, talking about growing up, their childhood dreams and memories, and falling in love with music.

Press play to see the film and hear snippets of two yet to be released songs. Read the long interview here.

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