In colour: autumn’s best and boldest knits

Give your wardrobe an injection of life and joy.

The bright and bold sweater has made a major comeback in fashion. Red, blue, pink, green and all kinds of colour-blocking, the knitted sweater is more than ever autumn’s must-have piece. We brought all of our favourite knits – including some coveted pieces from the ERDEM x H&M collection – with us to Barcelona, where models Iana and Julita showed how they should be worn. More is, after all, more.

MOHAIR is made from the angora goat (not to be confused with angora wool, which is something else) and has a soft, silk-like lustre. Often blended with a little nylon, for durability.

CASHMERE is often dubbed as the most luxe wool, and the reason it’s so expensive is because of the complex process of making it.

MERINO Named after the merino sheep, a merino wool sweater is perfect for the itchy wearer. Soft, fine and high-end.

CABLE KNIT is a twisted stitch pattern that looks like entwined ropes.

ICELANDIC ”lopapeysa” have inspired the ERDEM x H&M sweater Iana is wearing. The style is characterized by a wide, decorative circle surrounding the neck opening.

RAGLAN SLEEVE is a sleeve with a slanting seam, giving the shoulders a round silhouette.



PHOTOGRAPHER | Quentin De Briey | Cadence

DOP | Jana Otte

STYLIST Alexandra Carl | Streeters

MODEL Iana Godnia | Heroes

MODEL Julita Formella | Viva Models

HAIR Conrad Dornan | Bridge Artists

MAKEUP Manuela Pane | Kasteel Artist Management

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