New trend: Reworked wardrobe icons

Go from blue jeans and trench coats to deconstructed denims and jackets in technical materials.

Iconic items are always on trend, and we all need an updated set of wardrobe fundamentals when seasons change. The concept of upgrading our timeless menswear items – think trench coats, white shirts and suits – in re-worked shapes and unorthodox materials is rather a fashion movement than a temporary trend. Hang on to all your most reliable pieces, but look for them in new shapes and fabrics.

This trend is all about the statement pieces! If your everyday look consists of blue or black jeans, derby shoes and pared-back jackets you only need to exchange one (or a couple) of your icons for another – more contemporary – take on that classic. Opt for deconstructed jeans, a trench coat in a technical material or a suit jacket with fringes. 

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