3 hacks for patterned nail art

3 hacks for patterned nail art

Sophisticated nail art doesn’t have to take hours in a salon or put a dent in your wallet. With these three simple nail hacks, you can make your own dreamy, impressive patterns at home!

It only takes a drinking straw to get a splash of Pollock on your nails. Apply your base color, then choose two or three other splatter colors. Dip a straw into the polish, then blow it onto each nail. Repeat with the other colors. Clean off excess polish with remover, then finish with a topcoat.

A swirly marbled effect can be chic or psychedelic. Start by taping around your fingernail to the first joint and underneath your nail. Apply a clear (or white) coat of polish and let it dry. In a small bowl of room temperature water, drop a dot of polish into the water. Drop a different color on top of the first layer. Repeat with a third color or alternate between the two colors until you have several rings of color. Drag a needle or toothpick across the rings to create a pattern. Dip your nail into the colors, which should settle onto your nail. Lift your nail out of the water. Wait for it to dry before removing the tape and adding a topcoat.

The easiest way to create 24 karat nails. Paint your nails in a base color, then allow to dry. Apply gold polish on top. While it’s still wet, press a small wad of crumpled cellophane to your nail for a brushed gold effect. 

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