Get radiant skin in 7 easy steps.

Get radiant skin in 7 easy steps.


After years of matte skin, dewy is now the main story in beauty, thanks to the rise of K-beauty. Read on to find out how you get that Korean-style radiance and avoid looking like an oil slick!

1. You know the drill – start with freshly cleansed skin and lightly massage in your favourite moisturiser. If you’re comfortable with facial oils, mix in two drops of the oil with your moisturiser to really get things rolling. Otherwise, head straight for a base that already includes an element of glow, which could be just a primer, a foundation or tinted moisturiser, or for a real K-beauty look, try a cushion compact.

2. Highlighter time. Use a cream instead of powder so it can literally melt into your skin. Apply at the highest points of the face: above the cheekbones, between the brows, down the middle of the nose and under the bottom lip. Blend well with your fingers. 

3. The secret key to avoid that “oil-slick” look with dewy skin is a warm-toned blush. Again, use a cream formula so it becomes more a part of your skin. Apply on the apple of your cheeks and blend well. In a pinch, lipstick works, too! 

4. To add some definition to the face, apply a cream-based eyeshadow over your entire eyelid in a colour a few shades darker than your skin. Avoid out right glitter, but aim for a soft, metallic sheen. Blend well and curl your eyelashes for that eye-opening effect.

5. Making sure your lips are exfoliated and moisturised, use the cream blush (or lipstick) from step three and pat onto your lips. You just want a gentle wash of colour.  

6. Now for the finishing touches. Using the same cream highlighter from step two, dab a very small amount in the corner of each eye and on the Cupid’s bow of your upper lip. Blend well.

7. Step back and admire your gorgeous dewy look!  

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