Presenting: Edition by John Boyega

Uncompromising menswear made using innovative and more sustainable materials.

"A better present leads to a better future.” That's the core message of Edition by John Boyega — an agenda-pushing collection worn by the world-renowned actor and changemaker. The same words reappear as a graphic theme throughout the new menswear line, which is set to launch from 28 October*.

British-Nigerian actor John Boyega has earned recognition not only for his award-winning performances, but also for standing up for the changes he wants to see in the world. In June 2020, he seized the megaphone and gave a heartfelt speech at a Black Lives Matter protest in London. For Boyega, voicing your truth is one of the most powerful tools for driving connection and change. 

"When someone speaks their truth boldly it breaks us out of our reality. It gives us a moment to put ourselves in other people’s shoes. We stop and we genuinely start to empathize or at the very least understand," says Boyega. 

The actor and H&M connected around a shared passion for fashion and progress; a belief that change is always possible when we come together and challenge ourselves to reach for something better. 

“John Boyega is a brave leader of a generation that’s speaking up for change, believing in a better way to treat each other and the planet," says Ross Lydon, Head of Menswear Design at H&M. "H&M is proud to team up with John for Edition by John Boyega, a contemporary, more sustainable collection for men."

Edition by John Boyega fuses effortless workwear pieces with floral prints and tie-dye patterns. The collection is made using more sustainable materials, in line with H&M’s commitment to move fashion into a more sustainable future. In the new menswear line, cotton is organic or recycled from textile-production waste or post-consumer waste; nylons and polyesters are recycled; and the man-made fabric Tencel lyocell is created from sustainably sourced cellulose fibres.

“I’m excited to collaborate with H&M on a collection that aligns my passions with purpose. Sustainability to me means thinking about longevity for the benefit of those coming after us. It means using our current passions to create opportunities that will exist past our lifetime," says Boyega. 

With each piece, Edition by John Boyega proves the season’s key pieces can be made in a more sustainable way. A chore denim jacket (Europe online exclusive) boasts patchwork constructed from collected denim garments, remade into a fresh style. A striking checked coat, partly made from premium Italian recycled wool, is sure to make an unforgettable impression. A pair of 100% recycled cotton jeans have a loose, contemporary cut, while a zip-off puffer jacket crafted from Vegea™ — a vegan alternative to leather, partly made from waste from the winemaking industry — can be quickly transformed from jacket to vest.

Shirts and trousers have a relaxed feel, ideal for the new season, as do a knitted green cardigan and a green hoodie, all with a roomy silhouette. A pink tie-dye sweatshirt and the T-shirts are emblazoned with the hopeful reminder “A better present leads to a better future”, alongside a graphic of planet Earth. The collection is completed by a canvas tote bag with the same graphic, plus a floral cap and chunky tie-dye trainers.

Comfort is a key theme for the collection. For John, effortless style with just the right fit can be a confidence booster that helps you feel your best. 

"When I love a fit, I feel good inside and out. I love finding clothes that represent who I am. Even if others don’t like it, I’ll still enjoy how it makes me feel.” 

The Edition by John Boyega collection will be available at and in selected stores from 28 October*. 

*Launch dates vary across markets. Check in with H&M's customer service for your local launch date. 

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