When I’m With Her: 5 Mother’s Day Stories

When I’m With Her: 5 Stories On Motherhood

Motherhood is a lifelong assignment, running through all the feelings in the world; pride, anger, joy, worry, fear and above all — a greater love. This Mother’s Day we celebrate the special bond a mother shares with her children, whether they’re four months or 53 years old.

Motherhood has shifted fashion director and creative Rajni Jacques in a way nothing else could have. Here, she opens up about the challenges, changes and pure love parenting has brought to her life.

Read Rajni’s & Lucienne’s story here! 

Coming out as a drag queen in a religious family was challenging for Cynthia Lee Fontaine and her mother Maria. Through teamwork and unconditional love, the two have weathered all storms they’ve encountered and come out stronger on the other side.

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At the tender ages of 10 and 11, Sienna and Mason are on the verge of adolescence. Their mom Erin speaks candidly about the worries, pride and admiration she holds for her kids.

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At 53 and 79, Karen and Doreen have experienced more than most mothers and daughters. Their intimate and strong relationship is always evolving and always nourished — especially on Mother’s Day.

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On Valentine’s Day last year Grethe drove her daughter Sophie to the hospital when baby Stella was due. Today the three of them share a bond that builds on the magic of seeing your daughter become a mother herself, and the aspiration to walk in the footsteps of your own mother.

Read Grethe’s, Sophie’s & Stella’s story here!

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