Imagine ghid de mărimi


Having trouble closing the closet door because it’s bulging with clothes? Still got nothing to wear since it’s all a big mess? Take charge of your wardrobe once and for all – this is what you need to do.

First things first – clean the area around your wardrobe. Things will get messy, there will be clothes everywhere in a three-meter radius.

Bring out a trash bag and three boxes. Mark them ”KEEP”, ”DON’T KEEP” and ”MAYBE”.

Start digging out the wardrobe, piece by piece, asking yourself the following questions.

Q: Have you used it in six months? *

Q: Is it ripped, stained or too worn? Don’t keep!

Q: Does it fit? No? No, as in ”no, don’t keep it” then.

Q: Do you need a tailor to alter it? Or are you thinking of customising it? That rarely happens, so into the MAYBE-box it goes.

Q: Can you use it in three different outfits, which you love? If no, MAYBE-box it!

Q: Do you have too many of it? (You know, no one NEEDS 15 black t-shirts.) Keep 2-3 of the newest, the rest goes to the DON’T KEEP-box.

Q: You want to keep it ”just in case”? Don’t.

If the item gets this far, put it in the KEEP-box.

Repeat until you’ve gone through the entire wardrobe. Yes, that includes underwear and accessories.

Try and draw conclusions from the boxes. Mostly blue in the KEEP-box? Then that’s probably your go-to colour. Lots of sequins in the DON’T KEEP-box? Ok, now you know.

Give yourself a veto-item, something from the maybe-pile that you really want to keep no matter what. One (1) item that is.

Get rid of the stuff in the DON’T KEEP-box. But don’t let fashion go to waste. Perhaps you can sell some of the more exclusive stuff? Or donate to your local charity (or your younger sibling). And take all the rest to H&M, where the garment collection program ensures that everything is reworn, reused or recycled. Put the MAYBE-box under your bed. Do it now, before you start second guessing yourself. This is trial separation.

Live your life for two months.

After two months, anything you haven’t used from the MAYBE-box has got to go as well.

If you have more than half of your stuff left – repeat. Seriously, repeat.

Sort what’s left in your wardrobe, according to colour, type and usage.

Hang as much as possible. Do you have room for an extra clothes rack?

It’s not a wardrobe – it’s a showroom! See it as a store displaying your clothes, not as a storage place.

Keep a lint roller in there somewhere. You want it close.

Anytime you need a specific item, write it down. The third time you do, it’s OK to buy it.

When buying something new – go by the one-in-one-out principle.

Did you get this far? Really? Then maybe you deserve to buy something really nice…

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