We stalked 2016’s coolest girl on the first day of the Coachella festival, weekend one.

Friday afternoon and the Parker Palm Springs hotel is like a catwalk of festival fashion. The littlest sister of a very famous family dynasty is throwing a party to celebrate her Paper Magazine cover, and the air is buzzing with first-day-of-Coachella anticipation.

Hailey Baldwin is still in her room, blasting out Rihanna and getting ready with her glam squad. Pal Robert Gerhauser is there too, ”I’ve known him since I was born”, Hailey smiles, excited to spend the weekend with ”a big group of friends”. 

”That’s my favourite thing about Coachella and what it’s all about – all your friends coming together. Certain people you haven’t seen in a while, all of them coming out here and just having a good time. Last year was my first time here, and I was with my closest guy friends. I remember we were watching Odd Future, and I got up on [my friend's] shoulders and just went for it. That’s definitely my favourite moment so far.”

This year she’s excited to see Asap Rocky and Jack Ü, Diplo and Skrillex should be really fun”, she says. 

As one of the faces of this year’s H&M Loves Coachella campaign, Hailey Baldwin is of course wearing an outfit from the collection – a white fringy vest, a white crop top and ripped denim cut-offs. Accessorised with boots (”You need them for the dust”, she explains) and lots of jewellery. Her hair is a deep shade of grey, done especially for the occasion.

”It’s not permanent, so nobody freak out”, she laughs, referring to her five million Instagram followers, who watch her every outfit change and hairstyle closely.

”I just wanted to do something different. With Coachella, you can push the boundaries a little bit in a way you wouldn’t normally do.” 

Even though the Parker is like a game of who is who this afternoon, heads turn as Hailey Baldwin makes her way out to the waiting car and heads off to the festival – just like when she enters the VIP area an hour later. If every Coachella year has its number one It-girl, for 2016 it’s positively Hailey Baldwin.

”[The Coachella weekend] is definitely a little bit hectic, but in the best way possible. It’s a lot of fun and you have a great time, but you have to bear with the wind, the dust, the dirt and just have fun with your friends.”

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