Royal Blue Eyes in Three Steps

Royal blue eyes in three steps

This beauty look might be a bit too much for the average prince or princess, but to us it’s royally beautiful. Here’s how to create it.

Use the Soft Kajal Eye Pencil in the vibrant shade Neptune Blue to trace the shape of your eyelid, then fill the area completely with the pen. Use the rounded Smudging Brush to apply the blue eyeshadow in the shade Stargazer on top of the pencil — this sets the colour and makes it last longer.

The blue is definitely beautiful in itself, but to add an arty feel to the look we decided to play around with the golden Scintillating Eye Colour under the eye. Apply it with the smaller Eye Colour Cream Brush, trying to create a spontaneous shape. 

Start by putting some colour on the brush and press it gently to the inner corner of your eye. Then, in a slow gesture, twist the brush as you move it outwards. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, and you might have to go over it a few times before you’re happy with the result — you’re aiming at a messy, artsy brush stroke that contrasts with the perfect blue shape on your eyes.


PHOTO Hedvig Jenning | Mink Mgmt

MAKEUP Linda Gradin | L’Atelier NYC

HAIR Sabrina Zsinay | The Wall Group

MODEL Seynabou Z Cissé  | JAG Models

PHOTO ASSISTANTS John Temones, Jeremy Hall


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