7 must-buys for a new season glow

7 must-buys for a new season glow

Starting with primer and all the way to lippie, these are products you need to start the season with a fresh, luminous face.

Before you create a makeup masterpiece, it’s always a good idea to lay down a nice, smooth canvas. And for luminous skin, a radiant primer is definitely the way to go! Either apply all over the face for an entirely glowy look or concentrate on the highest planes of the face (tops of cheekbones, brow bone, down the bridge of the nose) for something more subtle. Wherever it goes, the lightweight, silky formula will not only even out the skin texture, but also help your foundation stay put for longer. 

QUICK TIP: If you’re feeling skin-confident, you can wear the primer alone for a glow boost and then simply apply concealer to the areas you need it.

Don’t let blemishes or dark circles under the eyes detract from that ethereal glow.  This is when you want a solid yet creamy formula with a silky, smooth feel. For buildable, medium coverage, you can pat it on with your ring finger, use a flat brush for larger areas, or a small, fine brush for pinpoint concealing spots. Remember to apply in thin layers for the most natural and longer-lasting finish. Set the concealer with a little bit of powder if you’re prone to oiliness. 

QUICK TIP: Always apply concealer after your base (foundation, tinted moisturiser, BB or CC cream) so you won’t need to use as much concealer or rub it away.

The trick to that lit-from-within look is to create the most natural finish possible and it’s the creamy products that can really melt into the skin, as opposed to powders that can sit on top. This liquid foundation has a lightweight formula, but it still has great staying power that keeps you fresh-faced throughout the day.

QUICK TIP: To blend cream products, using your fingers or a damp sponge will give you the sheerest – and hence most natural – effect.

No luminous look would be complete without pearlescent highlighter, of course! And why? Highlighter is meant to emphasise your features, catching the light, adding dimension to your complexion and providing an overall glow. In a handy twist-up stick, this highlighter applies like a dream for a fresh, barely-there feel and a natural luminosity. Tap into the skin so it looks like it’s part of the skin rather than rubbing in a side-to-side motion. Apply above and below the brow, the high planes of the cheek and the bridge of the nose.

QUICK TIP: Try dabbing a little highlight right under the iris of the eye on the lower lash line. This small step really opens up the eye.

A pearly eyeshadow is the perfect complement to that glow – plummy or bronze shades make a stunning contrast, while champagne is ideal for a tone-on-tone look. Try this pigment-packed, long-lasting and water-resistant eye colour in a convenient twist-up pencil format. Apply across the eyelid for a sheer wash or concentrate along the lash line for something more sultry. Blend gently with a brush or your fingertip. Or why not try a smoked out cat-eye? 

QUICK TIP: Make sure the pencil is sharp before using! Glide across the lid starting from the inner corner of the eye. 

Mascara is always a good idea, right? It defines the eyes and magically widens your peepers, too. And against beautifully lit-from-within skin, you’ve got that gorgeous balance of chic and glowing. So how about a mascara that imparts volume, length, excellent separation and an extravagant finish? The secret lies in the precise brush that enables meticulous application with no smearing or clumping. If you find too much product loaded up on the brush, simply wipe away the excess on a tissue.

QUICK TIP: To build real volume, wiggle the wand back and forth at the root of the lashes before sweeping up. Repeat as necessary.

The finishing touch is a luminous lipstick to match your glow! And with a pencil lippie, you’ve got the precision of lip liner, but the comfort, moisture and colour pay-off of a cream lipstick. Go matchy-matchy in tone with your eye makeup or high contrast for the drama. Or, for the “your lips, only better” or “I just ate a popsicle” look, make a kissy face and dab your lipstick onto the centre of your lips (your finger works well here). You’ll get just a kiss of colour right where you want it.

QUICK TIP: If you want to cheat a little with the volume of your lips, lightly line the outside of your lips with a nude lip pencil before you apply lipstick.

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