This Father’s Day, H&M celebrates the special bond between father figures and their loved ones.

We reached out to six people within the H&M family and asked them to share stories that celebrate meaning of connection in all its iterations. We want to take a moment to share our appreciation for the special people in our lives.

Who is your father figure/what role do they play in your life?
The father figure I look up to is my strong headed, motorbike enthusiast handyman brother Myles. He plays a vital role in my life as my older, slightly annoying but big-hearted brother.

Define your relationship with your father figure or family in three words:
Loud, Laughter & Love

What is something valuable you have learnt from each other?
My brother has unknowingly taught me patience in life… As well as how to smoke meats on the BBQ! I have taught my brother fashion and styling, which he dreadfully needed. Once the man-over was complete he went on to meet his beautiful wife.

What is something you and your father figure or family bond over?
We definitely bond over our valuable family time which is so important to us. We are very family-oriented and grew up around all extended family. Our lives have always been filled with food, laughter, love and a whole lot of fun teasing on the side.

What is a special memory that you share?

The moment he called me to say his first born had arrived at 3.12pm!  Time had stopped... I remember where I was and what I was doing. It was the moment I became an Aunty for the first time and I have never felt so much love, pride and joy over our family becoming that little bit bigger.

Melissa is a Visual Merchandiser for H&M Australia and she shares her experience of her brother becoming a father for the first time.



Define your relationship with your father figure in three words:

Loyal. Honest. Unconditional-Love.

What is something valuable you have learnt from each other?

Deni: Dad has taught me so much, from how to change a tyre and parallel park, to more emotional things like what it means to show unconditional love.
Rocky: Deni’s taught me a lot about the English language and fashion as well as the meaning of equality and allyship to the Queer community.

What is something you and your father figure bond over?
Deni: Dad and I bond over very random facts and knowledge, we’re both geeks at heart so we spend a lot of time talking about music, food and fashion through a very detailed ‘geek’ lense.

What is a special memory that you share?
Deni: I think my favourite memory of Dad (among many) is the time he took me to my first concert. I was 13 and it was destiny’s child. My friends couldn’t understand why a straight man in his 40s would want to go to a Beyoncé concert, but he took me because he knew how much I loved her and that is just one of many examples of his unconditional love.

Deni is a fashion stylist and journalist based in Geelong, see their amazing work at @stylebydeni


Define your relationship with your children in three words:
Love, Understanding and Encouragement are the three words I use to describe my relationship with my daughters.

What is something valuable you have learnt from each other?

I want to teach them how to be the best people they can possibly be, and also the role that they can play in society and in the future of our planet.
I have learnt to respect and treat each of them as individuals, because each of them has their own special qualities and own unique personality, which make them so special. That said, their characteristics are a perfect blend of mine and my wife’s, which, as a Father, is such a special value to see in your kids.

What is something you bond over?
We definitely share a passion for being social and outgoing, with a real interest in the well-being of others. We are also very competitive and always strive to do our best. Not to mention our love of sharing stories about our day with each other at the end of each day.

What is a special memory that you share?
The day my youngest daughter was born and I took my eldest daughter into the room to meet her for the first time - she was so nervous and yet super excited. I remember how she squeezed  my hand so gently yet firmly, and I turned to her and said “it will all be fine and I love you “. That would be our most fond memory we share.

Adrian is an H&M Store Manager based in Western Australia where he lives with his two daughters.


Describe your relationship with partner and your children’s father:
As a mother sitting on the sidelines looking at our kids with their father, I don’t just see a single moment captured, but a lifetime of moments. Years of love and nurturing, creating memories and forming a bond that cannot be broken. Patty is a dedicated, loving and selfless father. We have learnt so much during our journey as parents, that it’s ok to not be perfect and have it all together, but to be the best parent you can be and always, always let you children know you love them.

What is something you and your father figure bond over?
As a family, quality time together is a priority! It didn’t always mean an expensive holiday away. It’s a day down the beach, an afternoon walk in the park, Friday night movie night or even just chatting together at dinner time.

What is a special memory that you share?
When you have so many it’s hard to pick just one. It’s all of it! Even the hard days. It’s these memories raising our kids together, as challenging as this journey may be. We wouldn’t ever want to do life with anyone else.

Candice Tanna, mum of four, shares the adventures of her beautiful family at @tanna__tribe


Define your relationship in 3 words:
Christian: Indispensable. Connected. Companionship.
Mark: Pick your battles.

What is something valuable you have each learnt from each other?
Christian: Patience. Definitely patience. And picking your battles. Mark is definitely good at letting the small things slide and focusing on what is important and what actually makes a difference. Oh, and I have also learned how to close cupboards and draws after my husband!
Mark: Being different allows you to open your mind to new experiences and educate yourself. Understanding other people's perspectives can often be enlightening.

What is a special memory that you share?
Christian: Our second time meeting, which was in Wanaka where I was staying for University Winter Games and Mark drove over an hour from Queenstown to visit.
Mark: While we were holidaying in Bali, Christian made friends with the waitress at dinner (he is very social and loves to chat to everyone). She invited us up to her family's house for lunch, which we accepted -  a new experience and off the beaten track. She arrived the next morning to our hotel with her brother, each on scooters, and they drove us about 2 hours into the middle of nowhere to meet the family. We are 99% sure she thought we would be great husbands and this was the first meeting for the family to get their seal of approval!

Mark and Christian are two dads based in New Zealand raising their son Frankie. They are currently expecting their second child and are surrogacy advocates and activists. Follow their journey at @ lovefromyourdads


Define your relationship with your father figure or family in three words:
Easy, happy, simple.

What is something valuable you have learnt from each other?
Lisa: Daniel has taught me that he can't read minds! I am so much better at communication thanks to his influence.
Daniel: From Lisa's positive nature, I have learnt to be more optimistic and not to hold onto grudges.

What is something special your father-figure taught you that you want to implement into your parenting?
Lisa: My father always instilled a sense of belief in myself, that I could do and achieve anything I wanted and that he would be proud no matter what. This is something I want to pass onto our children.
Daniel: I learnt the importance of being kind and respectful to everyone. Also that family is everything.

What is a special memory that you share?
There are so many! I think our wedding day is the most cherished memory in our relationship where we were surrounded by all of our nearest & dearest. We had a wedding that completely represented us as a couple - fun, easy, happy & full of love. We constantly talk about how special it was & how lucky we were to have such a wonderful day.

Lisa and Dan are currently expecting their first child. Lisa has been sharing her pregnancy journey over at @lisa_desanctis

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