Our latest eyeshadow cravings

Are you a monogamous eyeshadow lover or do you prefer an open relationship?

Eyeshadows are such an easy way to test out a new look. Just keep your base makeup the way you like it, and play around with different colours and layers on the eyes. There are all kinds of ”rules” when it comes to choosing shades – ignore them and match the colour with your mood instead. 

Single eyeshadows are perfect for trying out new shades. These are rich in pigment and have a velvety finish that applies easily and stays put. For an even more long-lasting result, start with the Eye Fidelity Primer before applying eyeshadow.

If you don’t feel like curating your own colour scheme, go for a pre-coordinated palette instead. Just choose a colour theme you like, and start experimenting. And if you’re not the experimental type, don’t worry – these palettes come with a trio of tutorials on how to combine the shades! Plus a big mirror for an on-the-go makeup session.

If you're more of a minimalist – try the smaller palettes. Four creamy and pigment-rich shades that are coordinated to look good together. 

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