The perfect gift for her…

We’ve got you covered with the H&M’s Gift Guides

“Why don’t you?” was the name of an iconic 1930s Harper’s Bazaar column written by the legendary fashion editor Diana Vreeland. When thinking of gift ideas for the ladies in your life this question is a perfect starting point. For example, when considering a thoughtful gift for grandma, why don’t you give her a colourful piece of clothing to lift her mood?

Finding the perfect gift is an art form. The gift should make her feel special, loved and a little surprised. Don’t worry — you don’t need diamonds to achieve that! The only thing needed is some research (What’s she into? What’s she missing?), a bit of knowledge about what kind of a person she is (bookish, stylish, athletic?) and finally some creative thinking.

H&M has you covered whether you are looking for gifts for sister, gifts for mom, gifts for your wife or gifts for your girlfriend. You’ll find gifts for plant lovers and gifts for beauty lovers

To add a dose of creativity to your gift giving try colour coding your gifts. What do we mean? Give your sister an assortment of presents in lilac and your goth cousin a box full of black. Another idea is to curate your gift around a theme, like “Lazy Sunday” and “Cosy kit for rainy days”. 

The need for a great gift happens all year long. We’ve created curated Gift Guides to help you out along the way. 

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