Your guide to the perfect summer party purse

Your guide to the perfect summer party purse

The clutch is the best item to hold in your hand during the season’s festivities. This is how it came to be – and how to wear it now.

As summer arrives new sartorial challenges arise. With temperatures hitting 30 degrees, coats and jackets (meaning: pockets) become seasonally barred from our lives and we instead need to rely fully on a trusted carrier – from casual bucket and messenger bags to more glamorous minaudières, more commonly known as clutches.

The clutch is the ultimate evening purse, and it has been around since the 1920s, when Hollywood stars brought the hand-held accessory to the red carpet to avoid straps interfering with the streamlined silhouettes of their dresses. Then, most clutches were crafted from gold, silver, metal, bakelite or lacquer, and considered to be a piece of jewellery just as much as a purse.

The clutch is still an item closely linked to fancy dinners, chic cocktail parties and – for those lucky enough to get an invite – red carpet events. But there’s nothing that says the timeless article can’t accompany you on an everyday basis as well – pairing a casual look with a lush clutch is a styling trick that will easily elevate any outfit.

Although it works for weekdays, it’s always going to be a weekend party purse. When you come by a great and not at all cheap evening dress, you’ll want to wear it over-and-over again, to all the weddings and parties where you want people to turn their heads. By upping your clutch game – and switching between a wide range of models – no one will know that you’re wearing that dress again (… or at least they’ll pay less attention to that fact).


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