Model Laure Julie photographed by Andreas Sjödin and styled by Columbine Smille.

Model Laure Julie photographed by Andreas Sjödin and styled by Columbine Smille.


When you find the perfect knit, you better hold on to it. This is the story of one of fashion’s true classics.

One good knit is worth a thousand, ehrm, sweatshirts. And finding that one knitted sweater that isn't to warm, too delicate, too boxy or – God forbid – too itchy is something some people wait a lifetime or search forever to find. Now that we're done paraphrasing hit songs from recent years [Kanye West's Bound 2and Leona Lewis' A Moment Like This, if you missed it] it's time to walk down fashion's memory lane.

The history of knitting and knitwear is long (and sometimes boring, to be honest) and dates back several thousand years, with the oldest finds deriving from ancient Egypt. Let us fast forward to the 1920s, after the industrial revolution had enabled mass production, and the birth of fashionable knitwear. 

Before the late 1910s and 1920s knitted garments hadn't been considered fashion items but during this decade a lot of old beliefs and truths were overthrown. French haute-couture designers became obsessed with practical and warm items, and the knit became chic and something suitable for the modern woman who required her clothes to be comfortable and free. Although fashion innovators like Coco Chanel presented knitted sweaters, vests and skirts, most people [read: women] in Europe and America knew how to knit themselves – making it an easy trend for everyone to try out. 

Since it's debut as a fashion item nearly a century ago the knit has stuck. From sporty Fair Isle patterns in the 30s, figure-hugging models in the 40s and 50s, casual and chunky in the 70s, and neon coloured legwarmers in the post-Flashdanceworld to the destroyed fisherman/nato jumpers we see on every street style star nowadays. This season we celebrate the classic, perfect knit – not too chunky and oversize, not too preppy and wholesome.


In this article, the beautiful Laure Julie (Le Management) models one of H&M Life's favourite knits right now. Lok Lau (CLM) did her hair and Anya De Tobon (LinkDetails) did her makeup.