If you're trying to get into better shape for the summer – walking lunges are probably the greatest exercise around. This is Amanda Bisk's guide to better legs.


Want to fit into that beloved pair of jeans you grew out of years ago? Or just be able to run longer distances, dance for more hours or race down the city streets without getting sore? Spending a lot of time doing a lot of walking lunges will help you achieve all those things and at the same time make your legs (and bum!) look better. Obviously this is a winning exercise.

Staring today and continuing every other week until the summer, our new H&M Sport ambassador Amanda Bisk (she's also one of the biggest stars in the digital fitness world) will share her favourite exercises and tell you how to perform them perfectly. The week when Amanda is off, yogi Patrick Beach will share his best poses.

Lunges strengthen your glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves. This is Amanda Bisk's step-by-step guide to doing them perfectly. 

Start off with your fingers linked behind your head and your elbows pulled back with your chest open. You should try to keep your upper body in this position during the entire exercise.

Then lift one of your knees up. When lifting your knee your toes on the same leg should be pointing up as well. Think 'toes up!'

Then: Take a big step forward.

When in position, bend both your knees and lunge down so your back knee almost touches the ground.

Your front knee should be directly above your ankle here and you should have your weight on the forward-facing leg. Don’t let your knee move forward in front of your toe – your upper-body should move – more or less – vertically.

*You need to make sure you have taken a BIG step forward to get in the right position for this movement. 

Stand by lifting your chest to the sky and moving your back knee forward and up.

While you stand, squeeze your knee outward (towards your pinky toe). This will activate your glutes (bum muscle).

Take a big step with your other leg and repeat the exercise. Remember to keep pulling your elbows back and opening your chest!

Do 10–20 walking lunges depending on your fitness level. Repeat three times.


Next week, Patrick Beach will show you how to master the revolved lunge pose. Want to know more about Amanda Bisk? See what she has to say about her fitness routine here.