Yogi Patrick Beach guides you to the perfect side plank.

Yogi Patrick Beach guides you to the perfect side plank.


Yogi Patrick Beach shows you a three-step guide to the pose that will build your side stronger, improve your balance and make your mind more focused.


The side plank position, or Vasisthasana as it's named in Sanskrit, is one of the most fundamental poses in yoga. H&M Sport ambassador Patrick Beach has been practicing yoga for a decade and spends much of his time travelling the world, holding classes for both beginners and advanced yogis.

Alternating with the digital fitness star Amanda Bisk, Patrick will guide you to his favourite poses throughout the spring, her on H&M Life.

This is his step-by-step guide to a pose that will make your abdominal muscles stronger.

Start by sitting on your knees with your feet bent inwards, with the topside touching the ground. Your knees should be in line with your hips.

At the same time – interlace your fingers behind your back and chase the ground behind you. Feeling your heart curve up towards the sky.

If you're able to reach the ground with your knuckles, gently press them into the ground to aid elevation of your chest, helping create a deeper opening through the front side of your body.

Hold this position for five breaths and try to stay calm and present.

Release the bind of your hands and place your palms on the ground in front of your knees and under your shoulders.

Begin to warm up your wrists by swaying forwards, backwards, and side to side. When your wrists feel ready to support your body weight, tuck your toes and lift your knees off the ground to find plank pose.

Hold plank pose for 15 seconds. Then place your knees back on the floor. Repeat this three times for a total of four rounds. In plank pose (top of a push up) try to feel all the muscles of your arms, shoulders, chest, and core waking up to stabilize the position helping your body build strength and control. 

Rise into plank pose with the insides of your feet touching each other. Roll to the outside of your right foot so the left foot stacks on top of it. Keep both hands on the ground, and lift your right hip up as high as you can – feeling strength through the side of your body. Hold for 10 seconds and switch sides. Make sure to keep your shoulders over the wrists.

If your body feels strong enough you can begin to lift one of your hands off the ground and reach it up to the sky. Focus on every little part of the movement and try to stay as connected and fluid as possible. To add in an additional challenge you may try to lift the bottom foot off the floor and pull that knee into your chest for more core work. In case that's too difficult for you – leave it foot on the ground.

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