Blurred lips – how to do this season’s coolest trend

Blurred lips – how to do this season’s coolest trend

Grungy, romantic and very 2017.

Start with your base makeup. To avoid looking all goth and drama in your matte lipstick, give your skin a healthy, natural glow by using a lightweight product for the base. We love the NATURAL SATIN FOUNDATION, or for even less coverage the BB CREAM BEAUTY BALM.

Prepping the lip is the most important part of this look, says makeup artist Emi Kaneko. Give your lips a gentle exfoliation with the CLEAN CANVAS LIP SCRUB. The nourishing formula combines vitamin E and vitamin B5 with sugar granules and almond oil. Then you need to moisturise – but not too much. Too much lip balm will make your lips slippery and you won’t get the right texture. Apply a moderate amount of lip balm and blot any excess with a tissue.

The MATTE LIP COLOUR lipstick is perfect for the blurred lip look. Pick a shade that’s right for you – on Zarina we used Ziggy. Normally you would start by lining your lip and then fill it with colour, but for this look you’ll want to do the opposite. Start by applying lipstick in the centre of your lips and build outwards, but stop before you get to the edges of your lips! Apply a lip liner in a matching colour just under your lip line, and then feather it out using a cotton bud. When you're done, dust your lips very lightly with some loose powder and a fluffy brush to make sure the result is really soft and blended.

If you want an even more dynamic lip look, swap your matching lip liner for one in a darker shade than your lipstick, like Cherry Tart. Focus on the corners of your mouth and let the centre be lighter. 

PHOTOGRAPHER: Alexandra Nataf | Bridge Artists
STYLIST: Columbine Smille | LundLund
HAIR: Conrad Dornan | Bridge Artists
MAKEUP: Emi Kaneko | Bryant Artists
MODEL: Zarina Nares | Vision Models LA

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