These beauty products will save your summer

Here is how to tackle the heat and humidity.

First off, less is more when it comes to summer beauty, especially when it comes to your base. So why not try a multi-tasking BB cream? It moisturises, protects, evens out skin tone, and hides redness and any other imperfections in just one product, but most importantly, feels light as a feather. 
QUICK TIP: Apply where you only really need it, usually the centre of the face. And blend well!

Between the sweat, dirt, pollution and sunscreen that your skin has to now suddenly absorb, your pores are doing overtime. Which can lead to breakouts and dull-looking skin that no one wants. Enter the hero ingredient charcoal – rich in minerals, it draws out deep-dwelling nasties in the pores.
QUICK TIP: After washing your face, apply a warm cloth over your face to really open up those pores, then apply the mask.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Ditch the heavy-looking powder blush when the temperatures hot up and embrace the dewy, more natural flush of a cream formula. Lightweight and easy to apply (dab with a finger or a flat kabuki brush), they also can double as lip colour, or even a wash of colour for the eyes.
QUICK TIP: Use an oil-free moisturiser so that the blush will settle better. Heavier creams will “eat” up the cream blush. 

While the irresistible shine, smooth texture and casual nature of lip gloss makes it synonymous with summer, they reflect sunlight and increase your risk of a burn. Instead, try a tinted lip balm instead. You’ll have hydration, a pretty wash of colour and mirror-free application.
QUICK TIP: To keep the punch of colour alive, you’ll probably have to top up every few hours, but at least you won’t have dull, flaky lips!

Heat styling in summer? Ugh. Grimy roots by noon thanks to the humidity? Yuck. Sounds like a job for dry shampoo! The oil-absorbing powders zap grease and make hair look textured and clean. Just spray at the roots, wait a few minutes and brush through the hair. You’ll be back to feeling fresh in no time.
QUICK TIP: Try using dry shampoo before you go to bed to absorb excess oil and sweat by morning.

Normally saviours for those with oily skin, gel formulas are actually great for everyone come summer because these water-based products are super light, absorb almost instantly and have a cooling effect. Plus, you’ll get a wonderful, dewy glow and won’t have to worry about make-up slipping around at the mere hint of humidity! 
QUICK TIP: For a more subtle bronzed look, apply a “3” shape on each side of the face – top of the forehead, cheekbones and along your jawline. 

Since you tend to wear less makeup in the summer, switch to a fun, colour mascara for a pared-down yet totally striking look. Wiggle the wand from the roots to tips to get as much product on the lashes as possible and don’t forget the lower lashes! You’ll have an amazing pop of colour in an unexpected place – flutter with reckless abandon.
QUICK TIP: You can also layer a coat of colour mascara over your favourite mascara!

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