Caitlyn Jenner on her Greatest Victories, Year by Year

From discovering her talent to winning the gold, sharing her secret and marrying Kris. Trans icon and television superstar Caitlyn Jenner opens up to H&M Magazine.

Until 1 June last year, the world knew Caitlyn Jenner as Bruce – an athletics star once dubbed the world’s greatest athlete and the father and husband in America’s most famous family.

Now Bruce is Caitlyn, a strong and beautiful woman, who has lived a life full of big and small – professional and personal – victories. From being a dyslexic child with low self-esteem and gender issues to standing atop the winner’s stand in Montréal in 1976. And from spending nearly a decade in hiding, secretly going to therapy and taking hormones, to having her life broadcasted on primetime television.

Discovering sports in fifth grade was one of her life’s first and greatest victories, she tells H&M Magazine in an exclusive interview.

“I thought everyone was smarter than me and better students than me. I had gender issues and all these things I needed to overcome and never could talk to anybody about,” she says, and adds: “Sport was always this wonderful diversion, from myself. And about who I was.”

Sport was always this wonderful diversion, from myself. And about who I was.

Caitlyn Jenner

All her victories are huge in their own way, but some victories add more value to others. To allow yourself to live authentically is the perfect example of that. Something she did for the first time on set with Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair just over a year ago.

“[After the shoot] the media threw old Bruce out the door. He was gone! This Caitlyn character was a lot more interesting. So I knew from that point on that I had to live my life as Caitlyn. That’s the biggest victory of all.”

Her victories include discovering her talent in 1960, sharing her secret for the first time in 1972, becoming a father in 1978, marrying Kris Jenner in 1991, launching Keeping Up with The Kardashians in 2007 and finally being her true self in 2015. Press play to find out why these are her greatest victories… and where she keeps that invaluable gold from 1976!

Caitlyn Jenner is the star of H&M’s For Every Victory Campaign. See the commercial here.

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