Irene Kim’s inside report from the H&M Studio Show

We stalked the fashion star to get all access to a Paris night featuring The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj, and of course – spring’s most romantic collection.

It had been drizzling all day in Paris. But I don’t mind the rain, I think it is romantic! Maybe because I was born in Seattle, I am so used to the rain. The day of the H&M Studio show was my first day in Paris. On my way to the hotel, I stopped by all my favourite spots – I had lunch at Café Marly right by the Louvre, and then I walked to Rue Saint-Honoré to check out the stores there. I bought a pair of boots, even though I brought 15 pairs of shoes with me from Korea! 

Getting ready for the show, I felt really excited. The H&M shows are so energetic and very alive. For hair and makeup, I just wanted to do something clean and chic – and fresh, because H&M feels fresh! And we were in Paris, and the energy is different here from New York. I am always a little bit more toned down in Paris. I love the pyjama trousers I chose to wear at the show, and that cute top with the love print. Of course I had to wear pink shoes – I always like to match something with my hair! My hair stylist calls this shade ‘pink sorbet’.

People-watching at the shows is almost as fun as the catwalk, and I am always excited to see my friends front row. We basically catch up and tell each other what our lives have been like the past six months, since we all live in different parts of the world. And when I see my Asian friends like Bryanboy and Chriselle Lim, we always talk about where we can get the best Asian food! Honestly, at front row we mostly talk about food. Like, ‘where can I get the best pho?’ In Paris, that would be at Pho 13, by the way.

At the H&M Studio SS17 show I sat next to Patricia Manfield. She is just so cool and effortlessly chic. And oh my god, Nicki Minaj sat a few seats down from me. Of course, she was fashionably late, but she looked amazing. All the photographers went crazy when she came, but Nicki was so poised.

When the show started, it was just a breath of fresh air. The models came down the runway doing their own thing, holding hands, having fun – it was all just really representing love. It was such a warm, welcoming and beautiful vibe. And the venue with all the flowers just felt so spring-y and romantic. 

My favourite look on the catwalk was a pink, flowy dress – which I put on Snapchat! – and I loved the pieces made from a techy, almost windbreaker type of fabric. It was so different and cool.

And that surprise at the finale when The Weeknd came on?! All the models just ran up to the stage and started dancing. That was such a dream come true, I must be The Weeknd’s biggest fan. I didn’t even Snapchat it, I was too busy enjoying myself. It was a crazy and amazing night.

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