3 hacks for a better hair day

3 hacks for a better hair day

Forget your old hair routine – we give you three game-changing techniques to try today.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Literally! Especially if you’ve got thick hair, a troubled scalp or oily roots. The first shampoo dislodges any build-up on your scalp (styling products, excess oil, plus icky dead skin cells and debris, are all culprits), while the second shampoo is where you’ll see the real effects of your chosen formula (volumising, hydrating, de-frizzing, etc.)! And if you’ve gone sulphate-free, you’ll finally have that satisfying lather on the second go. But what is the final result of double shampooing? Truly clean, fresh and bouncy hair. 

Just like your face and body, the scalp benefits from exfoliation, too. In fact, your scalp plays a big – but often overlooked – part in the health and appearance of your hair. Not only will you swiftly get rid of dirt, dandruff, product build-up and the like, you’ll also be providing a nice, clean environment for your roots to grow without worry. Look for hair masks that will simultaneously scrub away at the nasty stuff and soothe, or treatments that are akin to shampoo – you simply wash and go. 

Some things you just do without ever questioning them – like conditioner after shampoo. But there’s something to be said for reversing that order. By conditioning before shampooing, you can add nourishment to hair without weighing it down and it primes the hair before cleansing, allowing the shampoo to be distributed more evenly. Just remember to condition from root-to-tip! Those with fine hair or who are prone to tangles or greasiness are the perfect candidates for reverse washing, while those with thick hair can go down the condition-shampoo-condition route. 

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