6 tricky beauty situations and how to solve them

The must-have products that will save your job interview, date nights and hiking trips.

SITUATION: Going sailing for a few days/Spending your holiday in a cabin, exploring the outdoors with limited makeup time.

SOLUTION: Brow colouring and multi-products
A cream blusher works on cheeks and lips – and even eyelids. It’s easy to apply even in not so ideal makeup situations. Dying your brows and lashes before the trip saves time (and face).

HERO: H&M Crème blusher in Cameo Brown

SITUATION: Important meeting/job interview, unsure about what kind of perfume to wear.

SOLUTION: Neutral shades and subtle perfume
Studies show that citrus scents exude energy and freshness – a good thing to exude in a job interview situation. Let your subtle perfume do some talking for you. Keep the makeup fairly neutral, stick with earthy shades and don’t forget to groom the eyebrows because it is all in the details.

HERO: H&M Conscious Vitalising Perfume Oil

SITUATION: I may or may not spend the night away from home, we will see. What should I bring with me just in case I do?

SOLUTION: Easy cleansing and simple touch up makeup
Wipes sweep the makeup away in no time. There is minimal fuss and they will always fit in your bag. An eyeshadow pen has your eye makeup covered. A coat of mascara and a dab of lipgloss gives you a fresh-faced look in the morning.

HERO: H&M Gently does it cleansing wipes, H&M eyeshadow pen in colour Cordoba 

SITUATION: Nice dinner at restaurant coming up, how to deal with wine-coloured teeth at the end of the evening?

SOLUTION: Lemon, salt and killer lipstick
Yes, ask the bartender for some water with a slice of lemon. Dip the lemon in salt and rub your teeth gently with it (preferably in the bathroom). Rinse with water and put on a nice, red lipstick which makes teeth look brighter (as opposed to shades of fuchsia which can accent the shades of wine). What stains?

HERO: H&M Matte Lipstick in Tangerine Tang. 

SITUATION: Music festival! Yay! With practically no bathroom available. Ugh.

SOLUTION: Super smokey eyes and lip gloss
The beauty of a smokey eye is that smudge is not a problem. Use a smudge-friendly eye pencil and let the rock and roll have its way. Pair a dark smokey eye with a nice, pale lipgloss and you are all set.

HERO: H&M Soft Kajal Eye Pencil, H&M Pure Lustre Gloss

SITUATION: Going to a wedding, will probably cry.

SOLUTION: Waterproof mascara and carefully chosen makeup
Here is a pro-tip: An eye pencil is more resistant to tears than a liquid eyeliner. When there is a chance of crying, go with eye pencil. Waterproof mascara is a wedding must. Keep a sleek concealer in your bag if there is a chance of serious crying which will result in puffy eyes. Cream blush is more tear-resistant than powder blusher, which might streak.

HERO: H&M Colour Essence Eye Pencil, H&M Cover-up Concealer

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