How to wear makeup with glasses

How to wear makeup with glasses

Makeup with glasses? Yes! The key is to bring out what’s behind your frames (hint: they’re the windows to the soul).

1. You’ve cleansed, you’ve moisturized and now it’s time for the base. Choose whatever works best for you, whether it be foundation, tinted moisturizer, BB or CC cream, and apply with a brush or fingers. If you need any concealer, now’s the time. The objective here is to have a smooth, even-toned canvas.

2. If there’s anything we’re paying more attention to nowadays, it’s our brows. Brush your brows into shape and define with a pencil, pomade or powder. You’ll instantly notice the difference it makes to your face – more pulled-together!

3. Glasses tend to make the eyes look smaller than they really are, so you’ll want to make them appear larger. Apply eyeshadow a shade darker than your skin tone to the eye socket area on the lid. Sweep back and forth with a brush and blend well. 

4. Since glasses obviously make your eyes the focal point, you should opt for some fierce eyeliner! A cat-eye is just the thing – use tape or a credit card to create a perfectly clean and straight flick.

5. As for your lashes, you’ll want to curl them for two reasons: one, for all-important definition and two, so they won’t hit your glasses. Also stick to waterproof mascara because it tends to hold a curl better and, crucially, will not smudge onto your lenses if condensation is ready to strike.

6. Continuing with the eyes, a little highlighting never goes amiss, especially to visually “open up” the area behind the glasses. Dot a cream or liquid highlighter under the arch of your brow and along the brow bone, then one dot at the inner corner of the eye. Blend nicely.

7. Lippie time! Go for any shade and formula that you like, but we particularly love a bright color for that extra pop of energy in the summer.

8. Here’s the final look – pretty, polished and putting those beautiful peepers in focus. 

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