3 Korean beauty trends we need to try asap

3 Korean beauty trends we need to try asap

It’s a K-beauty special!

While bold, beautifully arched brows are much favoured around the world, in Korea it’s the soft, straight brow that rules the beauty arena – they’re thought to make your face look more youthful and fresh. One glance at all the K-pop and K-drama stars confirms the straight brow reign, but also note that the likes of Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba sport them, too. 

To get the look, first cut off the top of the arch. Sounds scary, but bear with. If you want to commit, you can use an eyebrow razor, but you can also use a heavy-duty concealer (phew!). If the tails of your brows are too long or dip down dramatically, shave or conceal a bit of that as well. Now draw a line underneath your brow from one end to the other. A tip: some brows will look better tapered straight out, while some will suit tapered with ends angled down. Experiment to see what works for you. Fill in and using a spoolie, brush brow hairs in direction of growth and blend your powder/pencil/pomade/mascara. Step back and admire a fresh-faced you!

By now, a lot of us have come around to the idea of double-cleansing, thanks to the unwavering popularity of K-beauty and its multi-step skincare regime. But what you might not know is that Korean women also like to double-moisturise, too. Why? Because well-hydrated skin means plump, glowy skin, a cornerstone to Korean beauty. 

To get in on the act yourself, the texture and consistency of moisturisers are key. Use a lightweight gel or water-based moisturiser first, which will absorb quickly into the skin. Then follow up with a more emollient cream. Follow this routine in the AM and PM for best results, especially now that we’re in the throes of winter – your skin will drink up all that moisture!

Puffy under-eye bags – the bane of existence for so many women and an area we’re forever covering up with concealer. But in Korea, aegyo-sal (roughly translated as charming or cute eye fat) is celebrated because it makes you look cheerful (they appear when you smile), wide-eyed and youthful, and therefore deliberately emphasised with a little contouring and highlighting. 

Why not give it a go? Smile hard with your eyes to bring out the pudge so you can see where you should contour. Use a light brown eyeshadow or matte bronzer to contour right beneath the eye pudge and blend. Then use a highlighter to line the inner corners of your eyes and right underneath your lashes up until where you contoured. Blend well so the brown blends in naturally with the highlighter. A lighter version would be to skip the shadow and only apply the highlight. 

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