The perfect eyebrows

Brush your brows like you mean it.

We know, our model Zarina is the definition of brow goals. If yours are a little unruly and unwilling to cooperate, H&M just launched a solution. Formulated with grapeseed oil and shea butter, the limited edition CONDITIONING BROW OIL will tame and condition your brows. 

Do the rest of the face first and save the brows for last. We kept it super fresh with a clean, light base (click here for a perfect guide) and curled eyelashes. Dab some H&M Conscious ALL OVER BALM on your eyelids and your cheekbones for an extra fresh spring look. 

Start with your brows by combing them upwards. You will see where they need more coverage and if they have any bald spots. The limited edition BROW MAXIMISER is a loose eyebrow powder with a super-soft, buildable formula that adds realistic structure and volume. If you need even more precision and prefer a pen, opt for the limited edition BROW MAKER DUO – a double-ended wand with a brow-pen on one end and clear brow gel on the other. The pen has a matte, beeswax-infused formula which is perfect for this natural look. When you are satisfied with the colour and thickness, shape and lock in your brows with the clear brow gel. Brush upwards and then shape towards your ear at the end of your brows.



PHOTOGRAPHER: Alexandra Nataf | Bridge Artists

STYLIST: Columbine Smille | LundLund

HAIR: Conrad Dornan | Bridge Artists

MAKEUP: Emi Kaneko | Bryant Artists

MODEL: Zarina Nares | Vision Models LA

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