When you buy an H&M gift card during the holidays you will also provide one refugee child with school supplies, thanks to a donation from H&M Foundation to UNHCR. Come together to create a better future.

Right now, there are about 65 million people who have been forced to flee their homes. Millions are children. All refugee children have the right to go to school, but many can´t.

Education gives children the basic skills to run their life and offers a stable and safe environment. Education is also vital to help people rebuild their lives. Without the chance to study, an entire generation is at risk.

The donation from H&M Foundation will reach refugee children in twelve countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East by supporting UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.

"My father used to tell me education is key, you can lose almost everything, but you can never lose your knowledge"

Alek Wek, supermodel and former refugee. Born in south Sudan 1977, she had to leave her home behind when the civil war broke out in 1983. Today she is an ambassador for UNHCR and H&M Foundation, and supporter of this campaign.