Learn how to sculpt your face in seven easy steps.

Learn how to sculpt your face in seven easy steps.

How to sculpt your face with makeup

Want to give your features oomph? Then sculpting is key. But it’s not as hard to do as you think. The trick is in using light (highlighting) and shadow (contouring) in the right places.

1. Prep work is always important, especially when it comes to the face. Moisturise as per usual and cover up any flaws with foundation or concealer depending on how much coverage you need. But avoid anything with shimmer at this stage!

2. Now for the highlighting. Find a highlighting concealer (it just has a hint of shine) that is one shade lighter than your natural skin colour. Using a brush, apply it in the following places: three strokes at the middle of your forehead pointing towards the spot between the brows; one on each brow bone; a V-shape beneath each eye; down the bridge of your nose, and; just above each cheekbone. Blend the concealer with your fingers, which gives a more seamless finish because your touch literally melts the makeup into the skin. 

3. Next up is the contouring. Choose a matte powder that's one shade darker than your natural skin colour, and stay away from anything too red or orange. Suck in your cheeks – it's the best way to find the hollows – and work from the top of the hollows and toward the mouth, applying the powder with a brush along the sunken area. Stop at about 2-3 cm from the corner of your mouth.

4. Continue contouring by placing the darker shade at the point of your chin and across each temple. Don’t forget to blend. Use a fluffy brush with natural fibres in a circular buffing motion. It will give you a softer and smoother finish.

5. We can’t forget the eyes! With the same darker shade again, use a small brush and create a line at the top of the eye socket. Blend back and forth with the brush.

6. Yes, now it’s time for shimmer (but not full-on glitter!). Dot a bit of shimmer cream or powder to the inner corner of your eyes, your Cupid’s Bow and down the bridge of your nose. This will make your eyes wider, lips more pouty and nose slimmer. If you have fair skin, a pearly shade works well, but those with medium to dark complexions need a warmer, golden highlighter for that natural glow.

7. So with just a few well-placed strokes, we can all highlight and contour our faces for a glam yet natural sculpted look!