3 hacks for graphic nail art

3 hacks for graphic nail art

When it comes to nail design, the sleek simplicity of a line is the equivalent of a little black dress. Nail your lines with these three hacks that make sure your fingers are on fleek.

Cotton string creates a sleek, textural look. After applying a base color and letting it dry, brush on a second coat or a clear top coat. While it’s still wet, drape string across the nail, leaving extra string on each side. Finish with a clear top coat and, when it’s dry, trim the extra string with cuticle scissors. Dot on different colors along the thread to create flowers. Finish with a top coat.

A fan brush makes arty stripes a snap. Paint your base color over the whole nail. After it dries, paint half the nail with another color. Sweep the fan brush over the wet polish to make the pattern you like. Finish with a top coat.

A metallic gold or silver Sharpie instantly elevates your manicure. Draw a stripe over your dry base color. Made a mistake? Use rubbing alcohol to wipe away the marker and start over.

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