3 skincare trends to kick-start the new year

3 skincare trends to kick-start the new year

January always brings certain challenges to our skin, especially the face. The solution? Use a targeted approach, brush up a bit and layer up products effectively.

The more the merrier, right? That’s definitely the idea with multi-masking, where several different masks are used at the same time on different zones of the face to address concerns for those specific areas. In other words, it’s a totally customised experience personal to you. And it makes sense – chances are that different parts of your face act in completely different ways. If you want to draw out impurities from those pesky pores on and around your nose, use the Pomegranate and Mango Revitalizing Face Mask, which will cleanse clogged pores, or a clay mask like H&M’s Witch Hazel Face Mask or charcoal-based mask. Got dry patches? Use a hydrating mask, like the H&M Conscious Hydrating Face Mask in those areas. Maybe your cheeks need a radiance boost and a redness-buster. Meanwhile, puffy under-eyes are practically screaming for cooling eye gel patches. You get the picture, so it’s time to get multi-masking.

A mainstay on the treatment menu of spas around the world, the benefits of dry body brushing are well-known – it gently exfoliates the skin, boosts circulation and reduces the appearance of cellulite. It’s also been suggested that dry brushing can help your lymphatic system clear toxins from the body. But in Asia, the technique is also used to improve the tone and texture of your face. While those with extremely dry or sensitive skin may find dry brushing a bit harsh, it’s great for oily or combination skin. Just remember to use a natural bristle brush that’s meant for facial use and definitely not the same one you use for your body. And resist the urge to overdo it, once or twice a week maximum will be enough to slough off the dead skin and get the blood flowing in the face for that incredible, fresh-faced glow.

Now that most of us are in the throes of winter, our face is practically calling out for extra tender love and care, not to mention added moisture (make sure to read above!). We arm ourselves accordingly, with all manner of potions and lotions, plus serums and face oils (yes, even for oily skin), possibly an essence, an eye cream and more, but what order should you be applying them in to get everything working properly and absorbing correctly? After cleansing, the short answer is: in order of lightest to heaviest consistency. The long answer is: toner (alcohol-free, please, or else you risk drying out your skin), essence and/or hydrating spray, eye cream, serum, oil (yes, before moisturiser so it has better absorption), moisturiser (locks it all in), SPF (for day and yes, even in winter). Now you know!

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