Turn your beauty routine upside-down

Turn your beauty routine upside-down

Three makeup trends that have us thinking outside the box.

Whether you prefer bottom liner only (for a wide-eyed look) or can’t get to grips with the traditional feline flick, or just want to try something new, may we present the ultra-easy upside-down cat eye! There’s just something so sultry and moody about it that we can’t get enough at the moment. With your favourite liner, start at the inner corner and then sweep the liner along the lower lash line, continuing until you reach the outer corner. Extend the line from the outer corner to create the wing, simply following the angle of your lower lash line. To get a really pointy wing, use an angled brush to pull the line out or use a cotton bud to thin out the line where necessary. Go back and fill in the bottom waterline. Step back and admire your handiwork!

While hardcore, statement sculpting has a time and place, we welcome news of its kinder, demure cousin: soft contouring. Think more like a gentle suggestion of shadow, à la the 1990s. Yes, you use less product in general, but this effect can actually be achieved in several different ways. Using a soft shade one or two darker than your foundation, overlap the contour colour with your blusher. Or, focus on just underneath the top half of your cheekbones (rather than the hallow of the cheek). You run less of a risk of “striping” this way. Finally, instead of a densely packed contour brush, try a slanted brush with a more rounded head. You’ll not only be able to hug the contours of your face, but the soft-focus finish will be exactly what you’re looking for.

Fashion weeks around the world sometimes throw up weird yet incredibly wearable beauty looks. Take, for instance, the appearance of “sporty skin”. Not dewy or dripping with literal sweat (thank goodness!), but something more akin to the velvety sheen you get after running a few miles. How does this translate into makeup terms? A matte, velvet complexion with a powdery highlight. So it’s all about a powder highlighter – not liquid or cream – to get the glowy, sheeny finish. After completing your favourite base, lightly dust a setting powder all over the face for the matte part. Aim for a soft, diffused look. Then buff your highlighter – we recommend the ILLUMINATION LUSTRE POWDER – into the high points of the face: cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, bridge of nose and a little on the chin and forehead. A healthy glow without pounding the treadmill or the gym fees? Sign us up!

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