3 old school skincare tricks you should try now

3 old school skincare tricks you should try now

When it comes to the latest skincare trends, old is the new new!

Essential for barbecues, yes, but also a prized ingredient in beauty it turns out – for centuries. Known for its ability to absorb toxins and bacteria, charcoal’s use can be traced back as far as the Egyptians in 1550 BC. When ingested or used as a water filter, charcoal can remove toxins from the stomach before they can hit the bloodstream, and in skincare, charcoal works much the same way. Thus, a charcoal mask (or soap) can absorb excess oil, tighten pores, brighten a dull complexion and prevent breakouts. It acts as a magnet for dirt and impurities, which you’ll be able to simply wash away, leaving clean and radiant skin. Use once or twice a week for best results. Any more and you may risk stripping the skin of moisture and actually producing more oil to compensate!

The latest trend to come out of Korea is about layering on seven layers of toner or watery essence (Koreans call these products “skin”, hence “seven-skin”) immediately after cleansing for bouncy, glowing skin. Sometimes before the skin actually absorbs a product, it evaporates from the skin or just sits atop the skin. By layering a toner or essence multiple times, your skin gets to absorb more of the hydrating ingredients. And ample hydration levels help create a healthier skin environment in which skin cells function better. Just make sure your products are alcohol-free. After cleansing, apply the layers with your hands (cotton pads for every layer would be too abrasive) and continue with your regular routine. If seven sounds like too much, test the method by applying your toner or essence two or three times and go from there.

Still using a harsh, foamy cleanser? Try an alcohol-free micellar water instead – the staple of French women for over a century, but now an international beauty must-have. Discovered by a British scientist in 1913, micelles are little spheres of oil suspended in water. When the micelles come in contact with your skin, the lipophilic cores draw in oil, dirt and makeup, sucking out the impurities from your skin, and magically dissolves it all. You’re left with soft, hydrated skin, and have not disturbed your skin’s slightly acidic pH, something water does. Indeed, the no-rinsing aspect of micellar waters is what attracts many (and great for festival season!). Soak a cotton pad and sweep across your face, starting with the cheeks then moving to the T-zone so that you aren’t transferring grime from the oilier part of your face to the rest.

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