Get clean-looking nails in five easy steps.

Get clean-looking nails in five easy steps.


Whether you want to take a break from the heavy-duty nail art or just want to make the most of a good thing, simple, clean-looking nails done at home are just a few quick steps away!

1. First, you want to do some light cuticle work. Using a soft nail file, push away from the nail bed, not down on the nail. You don’t want to hurt those precious nail beds and you certainly shouldn’t feel any pain! File away any stray skin that appears. If you wonder why you should bother with your cuticles to begin with, it’ll save you from over-buffing later on, which potentially could weaken your nails. 

2. Now it’s time to shape up! Pick a nail shape (oval, square, round, etc.) and file accordingly. Try using a glass file – they’re much more gentle on the nails compared to other files, they last for ages, and you can also wash and sterilise them. A worthy investment if you’re serious about your nails, for sure. 

3. How about a little love and tenderness for your nails? Condition your hands and take extra care of your cuticles using a cream, preferably one made specifically for hands and cuticles. Dot each finger, the back of your hand and you palm with the cream and massage in. 

4. For a flawless finish, use the smoothest side (it’ll feel leather-like) of a nail buffer to polish your nails. Carefully buff until you work up a nice shine. It should be oh-so-easy to do. 

5. For a longer lasting finish, clean your nails with a varnish remover then apply a clear, high-gloss topcoat. Take extra care to seal the polish at the tip of the nails by painting the actual edge. Let it dry.

And that’s it, you’re done! The beauty of a simple, clean-looking manicure is that it works for any time, any place. And now you know how to do in just a few easy steps. 

Extra tip! Our model naturally has nails that are in good condition. If yours are discoloured, you can soak them in some water and lemon juice for 15 minutes every now and then to get rid of stains. But do this a day before your manicure because the nail bed needs to be dry in order to apply nail varnish – otherwise it will get bubbly. 

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