Bring garments you no longer want, from any brand and in any condition. We’ll make sure they get a new life.

Don’t let fashion go to waste.

Nothing is too torn, worn or used to get a second life. Not your lonely sock, your worn out dress or your ripped sheet. Yet tonnes and tonnes of textiles — that could’ve been reused or recycled — are thrown away with household waste. Being one of the world’s largest fashion companies comes with great responsibility, and that’s why we launched our global garment collecting initiative in 2013. You bring your garments, we give them a new purpose. Together we can close the loop on fashion.

Bring all your unwanted garments to any of our stores.

Same garment. New clothes.

We believe that clothes deserve better than to end up in landfills. So for our newest Conscious initiative we made two new designs in 500 unique pieces – entirely out of used denim. Because great fashion can be made from old clothes.

Fashion is recyclable.

For all conscious fashion lovers. Check out these items, made of 20 to 30 percent recycled fibres from collected garments. As of today, a higher percentage cannot be used with retained quality. But we’re investing in research and innovation for it to happen and aim to reach a higher percentage in the near future.

This is how it works.

Leave your bag of unwanted garments at your local H&M store. Reverse logistics are then used to bring the garments to our warehouses and storage points. Then, our partner I:CO will collect and transfer it to their nearest sorting plant.

The collected garments will be sorted into more than 350 different categories. Clothes in good condition that can be worn again are distributed worldwide as second-hand goods.

The part of garments collected that can not be distributed as second-hand goods will either be converted into other products, such as cleaning cloths and upcycled items, or grinded and used in the construction or automotive industries as padding and insulation. Some garments get a new chance as textile fibres. They will be spun into yarn and used in new H&M Conscious range.

During the process, nothing goes to waste. The metals from buttons and zippers will also be recycled. Even the dust is taken care of. It will be pressed into cubes that goes to the paper industry as a co-product to cardboard. The very last percent of the collected garments will be burned and turned into new energy.

Every piece counts.

Together we can close the loop and not let any fashion go to waste. Bring all your unwanted garments to your local H&M – and let us do the rest. All recyclers will be rewarded.

H&M does not profit from the returned garments. The revenues from items collected are donated to charity organizations and invested in recycling innovation.