The world’s most stylish rider is rising to the top

The world’s most stylish rider is rising to the top

H&M showjumper Peder Fredricson, the gentleman yogi, climbs to number 3 on the world ranking.

On his way to the prestigious Longines Masters of New York, Peder Fredricson reflected on his successful start of the year.

”When you start rising on the ranking, of course you’ll want to continue all the way to the top. But we must never forget that horses are living, breathing animals. There will be times when your horse needs a break. The ranking can’t become an obsession – the horses always come first.”

This has always been Fredricson’s philosophy – and perhaps one of the keys to his success. An Olympic silver medallist and the reigning European champion, Fredricson is known in the showjumping world for his extraordinary horsemanship and his meticulous preparations. He is a master when it comes to getting the most out of his horses – as well as himself – at competitions. 

”I’m a strategist. I enjoy planning both long-term and short-term, not getting too caught up in the here and now.”

H&M designs new competition show jackets for Peder Fredricson two times a year.

”It’s still a long way to go of course, and you don’t really know what might happen along the way. But I always try to develop new ways to train the horses. Right now I’m working on a track in the woods, it’s sort of hilly and provides good variation for the horses. I’m also building a water gym for them.”

”At least five days a week. It’s such a good way to start the day – I do it even before I check my phone in the morning. It helps me prepare mentally and take control of the day before it starts, before people start asking things from me.”

Peder Fredricson hopes his three top horses will be ready for the World Games come September.

”H&M All In, my most experienced horse, has been injured for a while. I just started training him again, and he feels great. We’ll have to see how he feels one month at a time, but I really hope he will be ready. H&M Christian K had great success last year, his capacity is huge. He’s sort of like a bulldozer – super strong and always wants to go forward, but still careful and precise when he jumps.” 
”Hansson WL is not my horse, so I can’t really count on him – he might get sold before the championship. He’s super careful, and very intelligent. I would say they all are!”

The H&M equestrian team with Peder Fredricson, Malin Baryard, Nicola Philippaerts and Olivier Philippaerts.

Since Peder Fredricson is part of H&M’s equestrian team – alongside Swedish showjumper Malin Baryard and Belgian twin brothers Nicola and Olivier Philippaerts – we might be biased, but still, it’s not far-fetched to dub Fredricson one of the world’s most – if not the most – stylish riders.

”My everyday style is quite minimalist – clean cuts and plain colours. I’m not the sort of guy to wear ripped jeans and printed shirts, but I enjoy fashion. It’s fun.”

He claims not to have a style icon, but he admits his wife and business partner – equally stylish Lisen Bratt Fredricson – ”inspires him every day”. H&M designs new competition show jackets for Fredricson twice a year. The one he will be competing in this weekend in New York is a checked jacket – classic but very on-trend.

”I leave the design to the experts, the design team. I’m very happy and proud to be an H&M rider, and they always do a great job. This [jacket] is stylish and very comfortable, and yes, it seems to be lucky so far!”



WHERE: Based in southern Sweden, where he runs the Grevlunda stables with his wife and partner, Lisen Bratt Fredricson. Currently, there are 30 horses at Grevlunda – 8 of them are trained by Peder for his elite programme.

WHAT: World-class showjumping rider, with two Olympic silver medals and a European gold medal on his resume. Peder currently holds the number 3 spot on the FEI world ranking. Peder has been sponsored by H&M since 2002, and is part of the H&M equestrian team alongside Malin Baryard, Nicola Philippaerts and Olivier Philippaerts. Twice winner of the Jerring prize, one of Sweden’s most prestigious sports awards.

INSTAGRAM: @pederfredricson

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