A meadow of wildflowers

Our print designers Abigail, Holly, Kavita and Florentin have created prints to make us feel the untamed and untouched beauty of nature. This is how they did it.

Originally, the idea seems to have grown from the common feeling of wanting to escape the turbulent times we are currently enduring. Abigail Morris, one of the print designers, explains:

"So many of us have felt the overwhelming desire to be outside, to reconnect with nature and feel a little bit of calm among the chaos."

So, when she and her colleagues at the H&M design department got the mission to create an authentic-looking floral print, they simply took their sketchbooks out to the fields. Starting with still life, they wanted to portray the wildflowers in their truest form — windswept, scattered and untamed.

"The collection is about lying in the grass on a summer’s day and noticing raw nature all around you," says Florentin Bodet, another member of the team.

The choice of watercolor was self-evident.

"In order to reflect the intricate and sensitive beauty of the flowers," Florentin continues, "only a soft creative medium such as watercolor painting could express what we were after."

Holly Watts, also a member of the group, says the process was very collaborative.

"We painted individually but were aligned in the style as we wanted the print story to look cohesive. With no set view on the outcome, it gave us freedom to develop the prints as we went, which opened up possibilities. Consequently, the collection offers a variety of scales, colors and placements in terms of print, making each garment feel unique."

Sustainability has been a key element in the project. For the team, it was important that the organic layout of the design was reflected in the materials chosen.

"The meadow collection has been a true representation of teamwork, reconnecting with nature and artistry," says Kavita Ravaliya. "It has been a fantastic opportunity for us designers to simply slow down, be outside and appreciate nature's beauty."

They all have their favorites among the collection. Holly loves the voyage blouse with the matching shorts. Florentin likes the A-cut dress with slim straps, which he thinks best embodies the whole collection. Abigail and Kavita would both pick the midi dress with the cross-strap back.

"I don’t have anything like this in my wardrobe, so I will be buying this!" says Kavita.

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