A circular design story

Designed with circularity in mind using innovative fabrics and ground-breaking materials — this is a party collection like no other!

The Circular Design Story collection is the latest addition to H&M's Innovation Stories. The collection is designed to be treasured, shared, repaired and recycled. A tribute to a fearless contemporary spirit and self-expression. We celebrate the fun and eclectic nature of fashion while moving the industry closer to a more circular future. 

Many of the pieces are versatile, making it easy to create different looks. Blazers can be worn as dresses, straps can alter the fit of shirts or coats, pants can be made wider due to adjustable zips, and a ball gown can be separated into a top and skirt. A modern take on these timeless design elements give the collection longevity. Expect polka dots, bows, frills, tailoring and jacquard. 

The H&M design team has done extensive work to ensure that every garment has been designed with circularity in mind. One of the key concepts that can move the industry forward is to consider already when starting the design process what will happen at the end of the life cycle. Another is taking responsibility for own textile waste and producing mono fiber garments to further enable recyclability. 

People have preconceived notions about what circularity is. With Circular Design Story, we wanted to demonstrate that it is possible to design a bright, fashion-focused collection with circularity in mind. We wanted to show new possibilities and offer something hopeful.

— Ann-Sofie Johansson, Creative Advisor at H&M

As we get ready to dance the night away again, new fabrics and innovations take center stage. Some of which include: REPREVE® Our Oceans®, fibers sourced from bottles collected from shorelines and coastal areas. Resortecs®, a dissolvable sewing thread for attaching sequins and beads. It allows garments to easily be taken apart and recycled at the end of their life. Vegea™, an innovative vegan material partly made from grape skins, stalks and seeds discarded during wine making and turned into a beautiful alternative to leather. And Cycora® by Ambercycle, a fabric that makes use of old garments and end-of-life textile waste. 

The creative team behind the campaign consists of frequent collaborators. Stylist Ib Kamara styled the looks while serving as a creative advisor, and photographer Rafael Pavarotti shot the dynamic campaign. Their work together is among the most novel and celebrated visualizations in fashion today. The cool beats are courtesy of Tshegue, a contemporary music duo comprising Faty Sy Savanet and Nicolas Dacunha, who reside in Paris.

The Circular Design Story will be available online and in select stores worldwide from December 9, 2021. Local deviations may occur.

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