Members get to Pay later

You're in for a smooth experience.
As a member you can try your items first and pay for them later.

With Pay later you will be able to:

  • Get your items first and pay later.
  • Shop in store and online with the H&M app.
  • Manage your payment on your member account page.
  • Choose an option: Pay in 30 days or Pay in 3 instalments. If you want more time, you can also choose to snooze the payment and extend the due date.

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Here are your payment options with H&M x Klarna

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Good to know

Klarna performs a soft search when you choose Pay later or Pay in 3 Instalments. It is not a full credit check and it will not affect your credit rating, only you will see the search in your credit file. Please follow the payment instructions sent to your email by Klarna and keep up with your payments to avoid potential harm to your credit score. Please also note that when you have activated Pay later or used any Klarna provided payment method, all your payment information is available in the H&M app and the QR code can be used for Pay later purchases in store. Therefore, you should never share your password or account information. If your phone is lost, please contact us or Klarna. Pay later is a collaboration with Klarna.