The washing instructions for your garment sometimes contain extra information on caring for the item. Here are a few more tips on caring for certain materials and garments.


Take off removable details and close Velcro and zip fastenings before washing. Wash nylon tights and delicate garments with details in a laundry bag.


Chunky-knits should be reshaped and dried flat to maintain the original shape, which is why these garments are additionally labelled “Dry flat”.


Linen is a natural material and can easily get misshapen when wet. To restore the garment to its original shape, iron it with a hot steam iron. To keep its sheen, iron the garment on the reverse side.


Viscose is an artificial fiber from cellulose and can easily get misshapen when wet. To restore the garment easily to its original shape, iron it with a steam iron.


Silk is a very delicate material and should be treated with care. Use a detergent for delicates when washing silk and do not stretch the garment while wet.


Often, airing woollen garments is enough. Use a detergent for delicates when you do wash them. Use the wool or hand wash cycle on your washing machine or wash by hand. Iron after washing to restore the natural sheen.


Wash jeans inside out to reduce the fading effect. Remove them from the washing machine as soon as possible after the cycle has ended to avoid creasing. Denim’s characteristic appearance is the result of a special dyeing method. As a result, small pigment particles may remain on the surface and can rub off.

Leather and suede

Leather and suede garments should be taken to a leather specialist for cleaning. Follow the care instructions.

Shoe polish and/or waterproofing spray should be applied to leather shoes and bags. This simple measure will improve their protection against water, extending the life of your shoes/bag and making them more capable of withstanding dirt.

Just use waterproofing spray for suede and nubuck, not polish. Try not to wear your suede/nubuck shoes or carry your suede/nubuck bag if it is raining or very damp out because they could become stained and the dye in them could rub off onto your belongings more easily. Insert shoe trees to keep the shape of your shoes and use a shoe horn to protect the high backs/heels of your shoes when putting them on. Undo your laces and buckles when taking off and putting on your shoes.

Down jackets

Place tennis balls in the tumble dryer when drying down garments to distribute the down evenly. The down must be dried completely.


Rainwear should drip-dry. If you dry them in a dryer, do so at a low temperature. Follow care instructions.