Raoúl Alejandre becomes H&M Beauty’s first-ever global makeup artist and user of its brand-new makeup range, ready to bring his point of view to the partnership.

It’s been twenty years since makeup artist Raoúl Alejandre first started his relationship with H&M. Back then, it meant spending some saved-up pocket money on a mint green sweater and khaki shorts.

Now, it involves Raoúl becoming H&M Beauty’s first-ever global makeup artist and user of its brand-new makeup range. “Honestly, it’s such a full-circle moment. I feel honored and excited to be able to bring my point of view to this partnership,” he says.

Remember Zendaya’s wet look in Venice in 2021? Her iconic Vogue Italia cover the following year? They’re both handcrafted by the same makeup mastermind, Raoúl Alejandre. With elegance, confidence and self-expression in seemingly endless supply, Raoúl Alejandre is a makeup artist that continuously impresses and inspires. 

His work can be found on high-profile carpets and in major publications such as American Vogue, Vogue Italia, and Elle Magazine to name a few. Most recently, it can be found in H&M Beauty’s latest campaign, which highlights its reimagined and reformulated makeup range. Entitled Make Up Stories, the campaign encourages beauty lovers by portraying makeup as the start of every big and memorable moment. Brand-new mascaras, blush and lipsticks are just a few of the products that can be found in the new makeup range from H&M Beauty. Not only does the range deliver on high-quality vegan formulas that look good on you, the colorful redesign also promises equally good looks on your shelf. Leading the way of the redesign is the brand’s signature red color. The vibrant crimson marks “iconic must-have” status and is reserved for the brand-new Volume Icon Lash mascara and Satin Icon lipstick.

The heroes of the first drop from H&M Beauty consist of four brand-new mascaras. Each with their own individual characteristics that allow for a totally unique look. Case in point: Max Drama Lash. With a full-bodied formula and larger brush, this mascara is bound to make an entrance. When put in Raoúl Alejandre’s capable hands, it creates a beautiful, elegant smokey look.

“I took advantage of some of the transfer around the eyes from building the mascara drama, so rather than cleaning, I used my fingers to smudge the product in order to create a smokey effect.”

Working with your fingers also happens to be one of Raoúl’s hot tips for learning how to apply and understand products.


Front and center of both the mascara range and campaign is the makeup bag must-have, Volume Icon Lash. Rich black formula and an hour-glass shaped brush are the two defining features alongside its iconic red packaging. But the secret to Raoúl’s iconic eye look lies in the brush, “when applied at an angle, the Volume Icon Lash mascara let me create a wing-like shape only using the lashes.” The iconic eye look was complemented by a classic lip color, signature red. Hydrating, pigmented and creamy, the new Satin Icon lipstick from H&M Beauty is a must-have available in over 30 shades. It’s time to make room for some brand-new top-shelf material.

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