Eytys x H&M – Swedish BFFs

When H&M teams up with fellow Swedish cult brand Eytys, it’s all about chunky shoes and unisex silhouettes. Join us at the Eytys head office to get a sneak peak of the collection.

It all began with a shoe. Or rather the lack of it. Max Schiller and Jonathan Hirschfeld – childhood friends and founders of Swedish brand Eytys – were on vacation in Japan together and found themselves dreaming of the same shoe: a chunky unisex sneaker inspired by the ones the American navy wore during World War II.

Three weeks later they had quit their jobs and started the process of producing what would become ”Mother”, the brand’s most famous shoe. The rest is Swedish fashion history.

When Eytys and H&M team up for a capsule collection this January, a reinterpretation of the ”Mother” shoe is a natural part. Meeting Max and Jonathan for a sneak peek of the collab in the Eytys head office in central Stockholm it’s obvious that shoes are in focus, but the line also includes jackets, t-shirts, sweaters, trousers and jeans in heavy cotton twill, faux patent leather, nylon and raw denim.

”In this collab we wanted to give the shoes new life. To put them in a context of a concentrated collection with other products. And all those products are designed the same way we always design: by taking traditional workwear garments and giving them new proportions, creating more extreme versions of the original idea,” says Max Schiller.

”And of course there’s a version of ”Mother” in this capsule collection. It’s an iconic model for us, and it would have been weird not to include a rendition of it. It has been so much fun to explore new ways to modify the classic, with new textures and new materials.”

Unisex design is in our DNA, we do it without thinking


The two founders were born in the ’80s and grew up in the ’90s as part of Generation Y – hence the brand name.
”The ’90s influence has never been an intention, but we grew up in that decade. That was when our identities were formed, when clothing and sneakers became important. It’s easy to become nostalgic,” says Max.

The capsule collection features several shoe models as well as garments, all with the significant Eytys look. For this brand, it’s all in the proportions.
”I like it when function unites with interesting silhouettes. I’m a fan of focusing on classic products and then creating something warped in the design. Eytys is all about playing with proportions and materials. When we wanted to do a heavy cotton jersey sweater for this collection, we sourced the driest, heaviest cotton jersey I could find. If a pair of trousers are baggy, they’re really really baggy. That’s a very fun way to work as a designer,” says Max

The Eytys x H&M collection is – as all Eytys products – unisex. Because why should a sneaker not be?

”Unisex design is in our DNA, we do it without thinking. And the reaction is almost always positive. To us the difference between the male body and the female body has never been an issue. Our clothes have a completely different silhouette anyway,” says Max.

”Eytys has typically not been for everyone and we have never aimed to be a crowd pleaser, but it feels great to work together with H&M to let more people discover our brand and what we stand for.” 

The collection will be available in selected stores worldwide as well as online from 24 Januari 2019.

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